Dogs and Life

A good week…

Although dog grooming is work I love, I haven’t been sad to have a slower week.

Today I groomed this little favourite, a shih tzu cross named Ginger, who is affectionate but very humble. On my Pet Hostel Facebook page, someone remarked that she looks “sad”, but she actually is happy and always has had a happy life:


Today I had lunch with a friend, and that was nice, but two days in a row the proprietors of separate restaurants were grumpy. What’s up with THAT?

Rosie went home today…


… but Clemina & Wally, Zeus, Smudge, Hunter and Cleo arrived. So we have a net gain of a few! I’m again babysitting Percy’s dogs Pearlita and Robbie during the days.

On Wednesday I treated myself to a pedicure … it was the second or third one of my whole long life. Although I don’t know how anyone can bear it, handling peoples’ feet, I think I should make this a more frequent indulgence.


Do these toes make me look younger? 😉

The tax situation is resolving itself. No, I should say that I am getting the tax situation resolved. That I had a slower work week was a bit of a help in getting things sorted out.

When I last saw Linda (tax preparer), she thought that she was serving up some bad news. Indeed, I’m having to pay a significant amount in taxes due, penalties and interest. What a hard lesson, AGAIN. Shoot me.

Half of what I owe is CPP payment; in other words, I’m sort of paying myself. As I’m applying for that pension early, and the amount they pay is based on your earnings during the last five years, it all amounts to … good news. Sort of good news.

If I come across as indiscreet, forgive me. I’m not telling you details. But this is all a story of my journey, and getting behind and then catching up is a recurring theme. To myself, I resolve to do better.

Love you!



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