Life and Pets

Coffee with friends…

That’s what I’m doing here with you!

Gary and I went into McBride to vote today. We can both vote for a Regional District rep and School Board Trustee, and I can vote for the town’s Mayor and Councillors (as I own properties in town). My daughter Susan could vote for town council too, but she isn’t around for the moment…

There is always something to do around home, so we “elected” to come home right away. Gary’s busy in his shop today, and I’ve been back and forth from mine, caring for my adoring minions (dogs, cats, parrot), and then … you guessed it… working on taxes.

I get to babysit Danny today! Although I had only boarded this little whippet once before the incident, I felt truly invest in his disappearance from home a couple of weeks ago. The weather was rainy and cold, and then frozen and even colder, and many of us were losing hope for Danny. Then one day, he simply reappeared at the door of the house, staggered in, and collapsed.

Danny’s owner is a veterinarian, and told me today that he had NEVER seen a dog in such trouble … mucous membranes an astonishing colour (I assume he meant white or grey), and so dehydrated that when Tom lifted the dog’s lip, it stayed up! Lucky for Danny, then, his owners could put him on an IV drip right away and warm his body by the fireplace. So this delightful pet is much thinner, but very much alive!


I have a delightful pair (dogs from same household) staying for a couple of days:

Sparkle & Tucker

Sparkle & Tucker

Also, I have Max this weekend. He now says “peeeek-a-boo!” in the most angelic woman’s voice (his owner’s). This adds to his already impressive vocabulary, and I love having the parrot around.



These two little jack russels went home yesterday:

Chica & Norton

Chica & Norton

The beautiful, pleasant Akili is here for a few more days.



My darling Shadow went home today:



I was shopping in McBride yesterday, I overheard someone remark on a new mural in town! It’s a wonderful thing, to have murals in our village, so I stopped and took a picture. Really, I shouldn’t have parked almost right in front of it! I’m told that this is the first train to ever come to or through McBride. Other people know some of the men in the photo, but I don’t. Click on it to enlarge it.


So, while I was so close to the salon/spa, I impulsively went in and made an appointment for a pedicure! I told the esthetician that I “don’t know how you gals do it…”, as I’d rather wash dogs’ butts all day long, than handle peoples’ feet, and I do. I remarked, “I guess there’s a career for everyone!”. She was still laughing as I went out the door. I look forward to having my feet made smoother, and the accompanying foot massage.

I guess this brings us up to speed. I’m anxious to get back to my bookwork, imagine that! I might keep the TV on, as I notice a show called, “Buried Alive: the 10 Biggest Hoards” is on. I will either resolve never to hoard, or decide that my housekeeping is not so appalling after all. Maybe both.

Love you all!

~ Ann




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