Just Life

More kisses from clients…

No matter what kind of day (or night) I’ve had, little kisses from a dog like Tasha will perk me up. Here, she is sitting on the floor with me, happy to have the attention. She was not at all fazed by her “spa treatment”!


I guess it’s all a journey… I found out what I need to do in order to file an honest tax return which includes GST, for year 2012. I need to go back to the drawing board to file a proper return so that I can expunge/adjust a bill from the CRA. If I end up being audited, I will be piling papers on some poor schmuck from the agency; I expect that they would find that not only I’ve been truthful and accurate, but that I have not declared all the expense that I could have.

I visited with a tax preparer today who coached me, and I was so grateful. She told me what to bring her and made it seem more simple. Even so, when I visited my friend Mary at the insurance office and then made my departure, I cheerfully called out, “I’ll write to you from jail!”.

Linda, the tax preparer, mentioned that there are big changes happening in the government offices and in particular, the CRA offices. I did not know this. She said that the employees who “remain standing” (have jobs) feel that they have to justify their positions. Therefore, if an employee can successfully extract “X” dollars from someone like me, he/she has continued to earn his/her spot. Oh well, one foot ahead of the other: I am easily intimidated but don’t really expect to go to jail!

This morning when I signed on to Facebook, I was startled to see a comment made by someone I consider a friend, “If you need a good dog groomer, call ________!”, and it was NOT my name. I don’t expect to be the only one who grooms dogs in this small town, but that felt like a big slap in the face. Competition is good and healthy, but I thought that the way the Facebook comment was worded did imply that I was not “the” good dog groomer. I wonder if I did not buy enough product from her home-party MLM business.

All I can do is whine and complain to you who read my blog, and then try to be confident and diplomatic. I’m quite above posting something peevish about this in Facebook. The little “slight”, if you will, happened to come at a time when I was feeling stressed and sad. I’ll be okay. Thanks for listening; you’re my captive audience, and I’m not above posting something bitchy here!

Hope you are all well!

Love, Ann


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