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Best puppy ever…

This little guy kept my morning bright, even as I knew that my daughters were travelling the Parkway to their home in Calgary (they arrived safely in good time!).

“Shadow” is a schnoodle, a schnauzer & poodle cross. He has a somewhat coarse but wavy and glossy coat, with just a little undercoat or puppy fur that is inclined to knot. Shadow was very patient as I combed out the few small tangles, and was completely compliant as I bathed him and clipped his nails. He’s a gem!


We had a lovely weekend with Shelly and Kim. They (and Gary) can converse intelligently on any subject and are such a pleasure to have around. They were visiting in town partly to mark the occasion of their paternal grandmother’s birthday, her 96th!

I do miss them, but am expecting all three daughters to be here for Christmas, and THAT is not far away!

Tonight, I am stressed and worried because I am behind on my taxes AGAIN. Shame on me. There might be some rather sobering consequences because I should have registered for the GST some time ago. I’m crying. I will make a phone call tomorrow to find out more about the pickle I’m in.  All I can do is get the first late tax return filed, and then the other, and then it will be time to file 2014 and I expect to be ready. That’s the good news.

So much for my fluffy, joyful life. This brings me back to earth. The positive outlook is to remember that to OWE taxes, you have made some money, but there will be penalties and interest to pay, and that is going to hurt. I think less of myself, and believe others feel the same.

I guess when I get caught up, you are going to be one of the first to know!

Love, Ann


One thought on “Best puppy ever…

  1. Angel was a Schnoodle – I want another one. This one looks a lot like her.

    As far as GST is concerned, if you make under $30,000 you do not have to worry about it. The government can only come after you if you owe them money. Call me if you need some help. Judy

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