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I’m backkkkk…

So, the last few times I’ve tried to compose a new “post” to my blog, I could not figure out how to sign in! Just when something becomes routine, particularly when the something involves computers (hardware or software), or Internet, someone changes things. I do not resent change per se, but when I have to struggle to understand, I DO. I DO resent change at those times.

I’ve added a new Bookmark to my Tool Bar … at least I know how to do that. Perhaps THIS very page will come up when I want it to, every time I want to talk to you, but maybe WordPress will change things again. I was so grateful when they changed the method in which photos were added to my blog … BACK TO what it was before.

Unusual for me, I have been sick with a cold for a few days. I fought and fended it off for a little while last week, and then it struck me with some vengeance Friday, Saturday, Sunday. This morning I coughed steadily from 4 am. to 7 am., at which time I got out of bed with another dreadful headache. I’m not “good for” very much at this time, but this is a minor ailment; I’m trying not to feel sorry for myself. I manage to care for myself, the boarders (just seven dogs and a parrot at this time), the horse and chickens and our own family of dogs and cats.

While I’m not muddling through with what MUST be done, I’ve been taking good care of myself! I am so enthused about building a small house in McBride in the Spring that I behave as though nobody else has ever planned such an amazing thing. Now, you know I’m being facetious, but it is uncharted territory for me. I’ll take the winter to plan and consult with others, and the contractor has promised to start as soon as concrete can be poured. Bring on the winter and get through with it!

My dear faithful regular readers, I’m sorry for not keeping up with my Blog. To my customers who were promised their dogs’ pictures here many days ago, I also apologize. I continue to work with joie de vive and appreciation, every day. I look forward to my “old” clients and revel in meeting new ones.

So starting from many days ago, I will share some photos of cuties who have graced my work time.



This little guy was SO GOOD for his spa day! I was pleased that his owner was satisfied with the job I did. She travels and has home bases in at least a couple other places, but she says she’ll be back.



Panda is sweet little border collie. For some reason, when a relative of her owner made her appointment for “bath and nails”, I thought I remembered that she was a black and white pit bull! I do not refuse any breed, but I admit to being a bit anxious about meeting a new “pitty”, even though we have had no trouble whatsoever with any breeds in general.



Sadie is one of my special, special girls. The day she came for her spa day (just before Thanksgiving), I was “interrupted” many times, and once she had her bath and cursory clipping and brushing, I was tired of lifting her. To finish, I got down on the floor with her, both of us on a blanket on the heated floor: Sadie fell asleep, at least until the next customers came and we had another break.



This fine boy got a bath just before Thanksgiving too. Cooper’s owner reports that he has a brand new doggy bed, and therefore had to smell better when presented with it!



Carnie (aka Carnage) is a new favourite among all my beloved Jack Russell Terriers. To top it off, her owner said that I charge HALF of what she is accustomed to paying for the dog’s bath, nails and anal glands … so all three of us were happy.

Okay… I have just tried for twenty minutes to upload another picture. It’s frustrating. I hope to post some more cute photos when my patience comes back or the Internet reception is more reliable!

Earlier this month, my good nature *wink* was abused by someone. I have about had it with peoples’ sob stories and ideas about entitlement. It is just fine to ask for a favour or a service straight out, but some folks make a career out of getting something for nothing, or next to nothing, at the same time as bragging about how much they spent elsewhere! I love to barter, and I certainly don’t mind helping someone in need, but when I’m lied to and taken advantage of, it makes it hard for the next person to expect a hand up or a favour. That is about all I can say in my public blog, but if the people who used me do see this post, they would have to admit I’m telling the truth. Not naming names! Lesson learned. In the past, I have been almost as destitute as anyone I know, and still, as far as I remember, didn’t treat anyone like a pushover. When I did get a “hand up”, I was so grateful.

I’m grateful for YOU. I always know you’re here to talk to. I’m always happy for Gary’s patience and companionship too, but he’s not home at the moment!

Everyone take care.

Love, Ann

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