Life and Pets

Run, run, run … and lots of fun

After neglecting you (you who read my blog) for more than a week, I’m not sure where to start. Every day as I work, I think of what I might share here, and of who might read it. By the end of most days, I’m too tired to yammer away about anything.

The exciting and novel thing which happened this week is that Susan’s and my old house got demolished. You’ve read about me having to come to acceptance that this was the only practical and reasonable solution. Once I realized this, I went through the process of obtaining permits and paying people, phone calls and visits … and then the deed was suddenly … done! It was exhilarating, I have to say, and it took less than a day and a half.




Through the winter, Susan and I will draw plans, and make and compare notes, and then orchestrate the next phase: a small house on one level. It is so exciting, and yet anxiety-inducing; we don’t want to make mistakes with our investment.

I’ve had a reasonable amount of pet grooming and boarding, enough to keep me happy without overwhelming me. For the most part, I have been forgetting to take pictures of my darling guests.





I groom two other dogs who look like Lily. All three have lovely personalities and do not fuss or bite for grooming.





It is easier to see the differences among Lily, Molly and Annie, now that I have them pictured in a row! All sweethearts anyway.


Last weekend, our friend Sharon presented a play that she wrote, directed and produced. We had the great privilege of seeing the dress rehearsal Friday, and each of Saturday and Sunday performances. There were about a dozen actors that were strictly local, and although you would consider most of them, “amateur performers”, they all did a wonderful job.

I was asked if I would help with the concession, and as it turned out, I was the only one cooking and baking AND manning the food table. And as it turned out, the situation was well in hand … most people found some kind of suitable snack and I sold out both nights. Sharon and I are still “fighting” over who should have the money, but I want her theatre company to have all the proceeds.

Gary has been busy getting ready to, and starting to, plant the garlic. If the plan goes as usual, we will have well over 200 pounds to sell again next year. The living room smells heavenly as we (actually, usually just he) separate all the garlic bulbs, and clean up each clove a bit. He grows approximately half soft-neck variety, and half “Music”, a hard-neck type.


This is Wabi, who has been with us about two weeks. He was being babysat in a home where there is a female dog in heat… so the ol’ boy is farmed out. Wabi has been content for most of the time, but every so often he lets out an unnerving howl (he is part wolf, we are told).

I must say goodnight… am running out of steam. Sorry this post is a little lame!





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