Life and Pets

Monday, hello and goodbye…


Have been attempting to coordinate the demolition of the little house. When I was getting some forms at our Village Office today, the clerk asked, “such-and-such address?”, to which I replied, “Good heavens NO! Not that one, we aren’t tearing THAT one down!”.

Of course there was no real need to panic… my friend was simply starting at the top of the list of homes with my name as owner (or one of owners). Once we established the address of the actual shack to be demolished, I learned what the rest of the procedure is.

What a lot of red tape and hassle there is! I expected to submit the names of the fine people who will accomplish the task, but also I need to know the size of the dump truck and how many truckloads will be dumped. The electrical service has been pulled and the telephone wire removed.

The whole process is a learning experience, despite the stress and costs.

Again today, I simply puttered. Other than my trip to town, which included fruitful stops at the hardware store, post office, grocery, and Village Office, I didn’t accomplish any great thing.

Oh… I added a threshold to the doorway of Cluckingham Palace, making me feel like Joe Builder for a moment.

I babysat this little blue heeler for some new customers. “Mouse” was a very good boy, a little more anxious than some first-timers, but not frantic. He ate full rations of his food, and the treats I offered. Every time I left the kennels and returned, Mouse acted like I was the Second Coming.


Had a lovely visit from a friend this afternoon. I had found full settings of her china pattern at a yard sale, so she was picking those up. For this friend, I bought four complete place settings and about two dozen other pieces, all of “Royal Doulton Platinum”. They were a promotion at the local grocery store a few years ago. I was just looking online, and in department stores, they are more than $100 PER place setting; I got the whole shebang for $10. Great score, eh?


Our friend and I both like to talk, so the chattering was constant for a couple of hours straight… I think Gary was tired just sitting in the middle of that!

Most of the day was overcast and rainy, after it started bright and balmy. Gary worked hard at refreshing the kennels with truckloads of new shavings. I only helped a little bit, but I’m tired.

That’s it for now. I worry that I bore you.

Love, Ann

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