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Pleasant Saturday …

It has been another good, good day. We only have a few boarders, and although I appreciated the busy days of summer, I am enjoying a “breather”, too.

During the morning, a couple of dogs went home, and then several more came. I wasn’t ready with my camera for the comings and goings.

After Isla, a black lab, and her two cats arrived, I went into McBride for groceries, and to drop off garbage and a contribution to the “Swap Shed”. I remembered the cans and bottles for the depot. I took myself for a quiet brunch, with lots of robust coffee, and my Scrabble games.

During the afternoon, I finished digging the potatoes! Hurray! We have a few smallish cabbages and far-too-many kohlrabi, but those are picked and now the garden is done. Other than the potatoes, for once I don’t have more food to process than I can stand.

I swept and mopped and fed and watered, and Gary got home from helping with a horse club event. He had been fed too, and didn’t want a dinner, but I had made chocolate cream pie early in the day, so that was a tasty (if I may say so) snack.

Now it’s time to “tuck in” the dogs and cats in the kennel building; I pet and hug the guests, check their bedding and dole out treats. I close the doggy doors and turn out the overhead lights, leaving the festive LED lights and the music on.

Here is “Bear”, who is a regular old favourite. His owner calls him a “purebred Res (Reservation) dog”. Like each of us, Bear is not getting any younger.


This evening, I updated the picture on the front page of my Pet Hostel website:


This is taken from the fence line/edge of our property, and always seems like such an elevation, but it’s not. As of this summer, I have a choice of two “exercise yards” that I can let dogs into; we are enjoying the bigger, secure spaces. The runs that the dogs have access to all day are spacious… all twenty feet long, but I think everything looks small in the photo. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Goodnight, my friends.

~ Ann


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