Dogs and Life

Goodnight, just goodnight…

I’ve been nodding off all evening. We went to the Chinese Smorg tonight in town, joining friends and as always, eating plenty. The conversation was lively and made for a good time.

I didn’t work very hard today, but some days just have to be “putting and taking”, as my stepmom used to say. That is, picking up and putting away, or taking from one place and putting another. Now I feel like I’m getting ready for winter and don’t have enough time to do it; I will just hope for a month of warm, dry weather. Quite a few more “putting and taking” days are needed.

I met “Danny” for the first time today. He’s a whippet, a retired racer (champion in “coursing”). His owners, with whom I was also meeting for the first time, warned me that I shouldn’t let him see a BUNNY…

This afternoon, Danny was resting on his pile of blankets, looking the picture of composure and relaxation. I thought I’d try to get his photo with my iPhone, and when I stepped in to his kennel, his ears went up and he looked quite animated: Prin the cat had walked into the run behind me! I was very quick to usher Prin back out of the enclosure, and when I went back to be with Danny, he looked rather contrite. A whippet might be deciding if the black cat was something to be chased, though he might be okay with cats…

IMG_0339  IMG_0336

Earlier in the morning, I went out to the pasture to call the horse in. “Bud” is on reduced rations for his own good, and it’s surprising how eager he is to come into the paddock, locked away from the lush grass. He loves human contact and Gary tells me that this is why the horse usually comes when he’s called … and often on a dead run.

Today, the scaliwag was nowhere to be seen, so the dogs and I went walking. Bud was as far away from his paddock as he could possibly get, and despite that I called and called and whistled and hollered, he didn’t even look in my direction until I was almost right up to him.

Then the dogs played the game they often play with the horse … Lady and McKenna bark and cavort around, and when Bud feels like it, he’ll start for home, bucking and kicking, with his beautiful mane and tail flowing and head held high. All three were back at the barn long before I strolled back.


I implied that I was just going to say “goodnight”, and no more. Now I’m saying goodnight, my friends. Thank you for checking up on me.

Love, Ann


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