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An interesting day…

That sounds more profound than what it was.

I was sad to have Shelly leave, but glad to know she is back in Calgary safely.

Snowy came for her beauty treatment. There might be groomers who do a more “even” job of shortening a dog’s coat, but I enjoy the work and I adore this cooperative dog. Snowy’s owner is satisfied, and that’s the best thing.


Yesterday I groomed two little dogs from the same household. I love almost every dog who visits here, including Snoopi, but Emmi is my special girl.

IMG_0304   IMG_0300

Odie went home this evening, after staying with us for two weeks. He is happy with our company and that of all the dogs and cats around him. Just looking at Odie makes me smile.


The fiasco this week with the freezer was strictly my own fault, not a malfunction of the appliance, a cord, or a function of where the freezer was kept. But today I moved the freezer from the greenhouse to my kennel building, and I’m pleased with the new location for it. I will have to work at reorganizing some more “stuff” now.

This evening I ran a short errand and then attended a talent show in town. I was feeling extra tired, and ducked out early. Sadly, I came home to a message that a dog had been hit on the highway near our property. All of our dogs … lifers and boarders, were present and safe. I got back in my truck and went to the neighbours to ask what they knew, and it had been one of their dogs who was mortally wounded. I sat with them for a few minutes, and after I returned home, I thought I should have been a better friend and stayed longer. Poor ol’ Sparky.

While I visited next door, I did solve a little mystery. Recently, I saw Shelly’s dog McKenna (who is 14 years old) running pellmell AFTER another dog in our own driveway. I thought the dog in the lead was our Lady, and I was horrified to think they were running down to the highway!

I stopped what I was doing, and went to the door of my shop, flung it open and yelled, “LADYYYYYY!!!” as loud as I could. Then I realized that Lady was standing right beside me at the doorway, looking at me quizzically and wagging her tail. I deduced that perhaps our neighbours had acquired a new dog, as even at a distance, the one pursued by McKenna didn’t look like Sparky, a larger red dog. As I discovered tonight, they indeed have a new dog, an Australian Shepherd, a very attractive adult female, who has been good at staying near their house.

A small success today was that I found a few flowers to send to a young woman that I only know through Facebook. A few weeks ago, she asked anyone to provide or donate flowers for her wedding this weekend. I volunteered to send what still looked okay at this time of the autumn, and Shelly delivered these on her way through Jasper this afternoon.


I picked those in light rain this morning. Yesterday, after I wiped down the infamous freezer, made plum sauce and crabapple jelly, I rested in a lawn chair out by the chicken house, with my coffee. I simply sat back beside the curly willow and admired the nearly cloudless sky. What a life. What a lovely life.


There was an odd and tragic piece on the morning news today. Do you remember the four difficult German Shepherd dogs that I boarded for a day, several weeks ago? The owner of those dogs, and his daughter, were again squatting/camping on land near Valemount “protecting” it as if it was legally theirs.

Police attended the location of the man and young woman, and they were shot at. When they returned fire, the father was shot dead and his daughter wounded. What wasted lives.
Man shot by police

Thanks for reading my blog, which tonight is “all over the map”.

Goodnight, my friends. Take care.

~ Ann






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