Life and Pets

Sweet little doggies…

Oh, my goodness, I have enjoyed my work day. The five small dogs who came for grooming were almost like human children, and they all seem to adore me.

Turbo (aka ‘Birdie’) and Ginger are both camera shy. They are here regularly; Ginger seems not to mind the grooming process, and Turbo just tolerates her spa day. She tries to avoid eye contact but never bites.


Pictured below are Missy, Ryla and Hannie, all from the same family. They are all great to clip and bathe, good for nail trimming too. Hannie cracked me up when she noticed the large pit bull watching her intently from across the room … and GROWLED at him! Owner and I agree this is “small dog syndrome”! I don’t know whether my boarding pit bulls would harm the small dogs, or the cats or guinea pig, but of course I will take no chances.







Shelly’s dog “Seltzer” is another wee dog who is just cruisin’ for trouble. He will charge up to any larger dog, challenging them. So far, there has always been a fence between Seltzer and his “target”, so he hasn’t been hurt. Maya, his sidekick, is also quite vocal, but she only wants to run and play and roll in horse manure. Shelly’s two small dogs are just visiting for a few days. Her senior dog, McKenna, has “retired” here, and we are happy to have her live with us.


Gary’s mother phoned this afternoon to ask me if I was very, very angry about sending back the diamond ring. I did not want to be completely dishonest and claim that it was NO issue, so I said, “Oh, no, I’m over it.”. Toby thought I had said, “You’re a witch.” Glad I had a chance to correct THAT, or Gary and I would be in real hot water.

I couldn’t wait to hand the phone to my husband, not wanting to get caught in a complex and confusing conversation with his mom. I had worn the ring a few times but it was snug; evidently Toby is going to have it sized larger, so GOODY! It will fit MY chubby finger better when the ring comes back to me, as she says it will. As you can tell, I have put aside any resentment toward the item itself.


Hours have passed since I started this post. The lovely pit bulls Ozzie and Rover have gone home, and they are certainly welcome any time.

Little Cloe came for just a few hours today, and yesterday. Her owner is rehearsing for a play that our friend Sharon has written and produced, which will be presented late this month.


I have pledged to help with the concession, and some of the setting up of the show. As with all of Sharon’s productions, I am so looking forward to this.

I think I’ve had enough communicating for one day. Thank you for checking in.

Take care, everyone.

Love, Ann



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