Just Life

A most pleasant Sunday…

It has just been a great day all around; hope it has also been that way for you.

After a most enjoyable brunch in town with friends, we came home to putter around on this gorgeous sunny day. I checked on the boarding dogs and did a few things for their happiness and comfort, then started getting the chicken house ready for winter… lights on a timer and a heated water bucket.

As Gary and I looked into the hen’s quarters, discussing some detail, a bird came off her nest in a panic, squawking loudly. Gary remarked that the chickens should be getting used to me by now! I agree, but I suppose that I love those creatures far more than they love me … it’s the nature of many relationships, but we’ll just go with what we’ve got. I’ll keep feeding and watering, and the chickens give back in their own way.

I went back into town to “work on” the little house. My mission this day was to harvest the breakers from the breaker box, and that was successful. I removed a couple of door hinges and a plain sturdy set of shelves.


Lo and behold, one of the contractors that I’d been waiting to hear from came by to see the proposed demolition project. Finally, a positive response, at least, a promise to give a quote and consider the job. Last night the voice in my head said, “Why won’t ANYONE help with this?”. There was another fellow who said he’d consider the work, but I didn’t see him today.

Then a senior guy who lives near this house appeared in the yard, “I just want to welcome you to the neighbourhood!”. I explained in brief what Susan and I have planned for the property, dispelling, I suppose, any rumour that I might be moving to town with or without my Gary. People love to know what’s going on. I’m no exception.

I was also taking vintage hardware off the built-in plywood cabinets this afternoon. The contractor’s friend who visited quipped, “If you think those have value, I have BOXES of them I’d just give you…” When I answered that I HAD thought they had some value, Tony just shook his head and smirked, but in the nicest way. Joke’s on me. Again.

Eventually, I tired of the acrid smell of the old shack (it is getting worse over time), and thought how smart my Susan and Gary are for realizing sooner that the house isn’t really habitable. I didn’t come to acceptance very easily; my summer was so busy and I hardly had time to visit the place. Now I’m a little sad not to have a “project”, other than tearing down a building at the end of its natural lifespan.

Rosie went home this afternoon, unscathed by her introduction to “kennels” at the age of 13 years. I forgot to get a new picture for you. Festus went home, too, and Nellie.

Tomorrow I have five small dogs to groom, and I’m looking forward to the work. A little change of tune since last week, hmmm? Tuesday has some bookings as well.

Thank you for visiting. Hope you are well and stay well.

~ Ann

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