Life and Pets

Short report…

It’s after 11 pm. and I haven’t checked in with you, my friends.

Hope your day was pleasant, as was mine. I groomed two little dogs:





I forgot to take an “after” picture of Scruffy this time, but believe me, he looked like a different dog. He also acted jolly and confident, like he believed he was more handsome, which he was.

We had new friends/boarders arrive. I was out at yard sales when the owners dropped off these lovely dogs, but Gary was home.

IMG_0249  IMG_0242

Above are Ozzie and Fido. Though they can’t help being pit bulls, they are well adjusted, pleasant, respectful dogs. I’m not going to test how they are with cats and other dogs, but they have a large space both indoors and out, and seem content to watch what is going on around them. They are eating, bounding around, and resting well, and there’s not much else a dog wants.

This afternoon, after grooming the two fluffy dogs and taking a “walk-in” for toenail clipping, I just did some maintenance and cleaning in the kennel building.

I put a small chicken on the barbecue, basting it with a blend of honey garlic sauce, hot sauce and tandoori spice. After it was on low in the bbq for an hour, I piled chunks of potato, onion and zucchini in the pan, around the chicken, and left the whole thing until done, about two hours later. May I say it? It was delicious, served with broccoli in coconut milk sauce. All the intense flavours went well together, but I can’t tell you what part of the world would lay claim to such a dish.

I think I have finally found someone to take care of the demolition of the little house. I have been feeling anxious. All the contractors are so busy. The project was weighing on my mind, and I don’t really know why, other than that a decrepit old home should not stand vacant for too long. It’s unfamiliar territory for me, but that’s what I had in mind.

I’m worried about planning the new build for that lot. What if we make a mistake? Susan and I will need to agree on the plan. On the other hand, the project is exhilarating and I can hardly wait to get started.

Take care, everyone. I think I’ll turn in early.







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