Life and Pets

More relaxing days …


So why am I not relaxed?

I might have had too much caffeine this afternoon. After three out of five errands this afternoon, I stopped at Morels to check for a Facebook Message on my iPad, using their WiFi. I could see on my iPhone that there WAS a message, but because of an unwanted change to Facebook, I couldn’t access it. My iPad works differently.

I was joined by my good friend and we had a lovely visit. I hinted that since Gary had consented to taking me to Chinese Smorg, that is where we could be found at dinner time. After I had at least three more full cups of robust coffee, we carried on with our separate afternoons.

My last two stops were successful and home I went. My hubby was not feeling well at all, so by default … I cooked. I have been feeling tired, irritable, and run down, but I managed to pull together a roast vegetable frittata with pan fried potatoes, and yesterday’s cornbread. If I may say so, it was yummy, and I’ll be inclined to make it again soon.

I drove by the little house today and observed that BC Hydro had visited (at my request) and removed the meter. This is one more step in the process of demolition; now if only I can actually find someone to do the work. Everyone is so busy as winter approaches. The shack itself could be pushed over with our small tractor, but loading and hauling away the detritus would still present a challenge.

This weekend is not as busy and therefore should not seem hectic. I have had two last-minute boarding reservations, with “Can you groom him/her while he/she is there?”. So I had the option of saying ay or nay, and I will enjoy the work (little dogs!).

We have a new, first time boarder, Rosy the Siberian Husky. She is having a sort of introductory weekend stay. I’ll be back with a better photo in a day or so: she is a pretty dog, and now quite sedate, now that she is 13 years old.


Also boarding are Hunter and Festus. Tomorrow I will meet and babysit two “Staffies” (sort of pit bulls).

BeauJacquesFace  BeauJacques2014

Grooming Beau, pictured above, was good for my soul and not hard on my body or patience. He is a dear boy who seems to enjoy the massaging action of being sheared short, brushed, and smoothed all over with “Show Shine”.

The puppy, Cloe, is also wonderful to have around. She was rescued as a 3 week old puppy, abandoned by her mother (other details not known to me.).  A young girl has raised Cloe, doing an excellent job, and despite the puppy’s rough start, she has turned out well adjusted, earnest and loving.


I met this puppy, Stella,  for the first time last weekend. She’s golden retriever and maremma. Isn’t she pretty? She was quiet and obedient, and ever joyful.

StellaShar  Stella

I might be repeating myself. Here’s the puppy who “kicked my ass” on Wednesday. Okay… just the effort did the kicking: Sadie is actually sweet and kind. She just happens to be a giant puppy who was terrified of being lifted. But she loved her bath!


I was trying to take pictures after dark tonight. It was NOT very dark in my kennel building, but all of the photos turned out quite weird. Here are Shelly’s little dogs, looking “devilish”. tee hee


Yesterday, I harvested apples and crabapples, and pruned fruit trees at the same time. I think I break many rules for maintaining an orchard, yard, and garden, and still we enjoy success. Lady is my faithful companion and is normally full of joy and confidence, but cowers in front of the camera.


Tomorrow being Saturday, I hope to get to a couple of yard sales. I don’t need a thing, but as Myrtle used to say of herself, “I’m too curious!”.

We have had a couple of hard frosts, enough to spoil some of our fun. Weeks ago, I promised a young woman through Facebook, that, though we are strangers, I would send whatever flowers were still viable, for her wedding September 20th.

I’ve been stressing about this too much, even before most of the flowers froze solid. One of my daughters had a wedding on October 1st., and I remember that I was able to line a short staircase with tons of white Lavatera, cosmos and achillea. This year, I would be hard pressed to make even a bouquet. I will send what I can.

Flowers aside (which they ARE), there are just a few things left to harvest from the garden. I will dig more potatoes to process and freeze. Corn was a bust this season… even if we have a month of warm weather now, I doubt we will have ears that are filled. There are a few kohlrabi and four cabbages. I guess you can tell that we definitely have down-sized the family vegetable garden, aside from the garlic!

I have many friends who still can/process a hundred pounds of peaches, make dozens of jars of pickles, salsa or other sauces, jams and jellies and more. Not me, not anymore, uh uh. I will happily put up all the foods we really enjoy, and enough that we have healthful choices in reasonable quantities. But I refuse to get overwhelmed and overtired in the kitchen, putting up food. Funny, because it was not long ago that I thought I could make a career out of specialty foods (and even buy another house just to make into a commercial kitchen). I don’t know how I thought I could operate another business even before the kennels got so busy. I think I dodged a sort of bullet there, or came to my senses. Probably both.

So shoot me if I complain about feeling burned out! I have pared down the daily obligations and chores to a minimum! I have a beautiful life, great health and awesome children and partner.

Some of my friends have suffered some dreadful losses, and I am so sorry and wish I could do more.

Love you all and hope you can stay well. XXX

~ Ann


Not my photo, but makes me smile.

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