Life and Pets

Quietude and gratitude …

After having up to 25 of my beautiful four-legged friends around this weekend, the kennels have cleared out almost completely! I have only my darling Shadow, the big friendly dufous Buddy (a border collie), two new friends Kye and Skiff, and three cats Teaka, Borvo and Kitty.

I’m so grateful to spend my days with so many loving souls around me. They need me and I need them, and often their families acknowledge my role in allowing them to go on vacation, go to work, go shopping, or attend a funeral. It is not such a shame and guilty burden to leave a pet at a hostel/hotel/kennel.

I feel weary. I feel the inkling of a notion of having a little break. It will not be a 10,000 km. road trip, you may be sure. Stay tuned. 😉

Today this little cocker spaniel came for grooming. She can be a bit stubborn as can most cocker spaniels, but mostly she’s just plain loveable.



I tried to get a “happier” picture of Shadow. She knows us well, is as composed as ever a doggy boarder can be, but still looks completely stricken and woebegone when I raise the camera:


Kye and Skiff came to us on Thursday, when really I had decided we were “booked up”. Their owner was such a humble fellow and gave me an “out” from his first words on the phone, “I realize this is a long shot …”.  He and his youthful mother wanted to hike to and camp at Berg Lake, at nearby Mount Robson, and dogs are not allowed on the trail. I cheerfully reported that I would “juggle somebody” to make room for the two newcomers, and in the end, this was not difficult. I was happy with myself for being accommodating; beside the fact that I met new people and helped them, the boarding contract is a well-paying one.

The dogs have been sweet! It took me only one feeding to realize that they look at me to say, “OKAY!” after I put their food down … and then they inhale the meal. They have been quiet, loving and obedient.





A new arrival today is “Kitty”. He is a barn cat who needs twice daily ear treatments for the entirety of his stay, almost two weeks. *sigh*  Lucky for me, he is patient and gentle. I bought him a chair today … seriously. There was not another upholstered chair of the type that is in one run, “Nana’s Chair”, but I felt that Kitty should have something to either sit on or rest behind. I purchased a child-sized hot pink plastic lawn chair and covered it with a piece of bedspread, and Kitty loves it! Will try to get a photo of that for you.

Willis went home yesterday. This Jack Russell terrier is always a riot. During one of Willis’ previous stays, I turned around to see him carrying his right front leg! I had only looked away from the dog for an instant, while I refreshed his water: what on earth could have happened? Within a few minutes, he was his usual bouncy self, and I concluded that he must have jumped off the top of his own airline kennel and landed awkwardly.


My solution to this shocking hazard (Willis leaping on and off his own crate) was to take the crate out of his kennel. He still had his own bedding and other bedding, toys and treats. Willis’ owner just laughed when I related the incident to him, called the dog an “asshole” to his face, and said that I could just leave the airline kennel in the run.


This comical pair went home this evening: Bandit and Roper. One of my other visitors remarked that they were an unusual pair to be “in together”, and I was quick to point out that they are from the same family.

Here’s another delightful duo. This is Grizz (a very large doberman mix) and Tank.


Ghost was with us for a few days. I brought her into the 4 X 4 kennel just for toenail clipping, but she did enjoy quietly watching me as I performed other tasks nearby:











Of course I haven’t managed to keep up with the pictures: we have been near capacity almost every weekend of the summer. The real work of checking in-or-out and answering the phone, feeding, watering, cleaning indoors and out, reassuring, walking, hugging, brushing, and medicating (for some), takes almost all the work day.

I am too tired to chatter any more tonight. I’m glad I have you to talk to. Take care of yourselves.

~ Ann






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