Dogs and Life

A good day after all…

I have calmed myself.

The weather has improved today, from pouring rain and heavy cloud to just the sogginess and lighter cloud cover. There’s fresh snow on some of the mountains.

About noon, I took off to visit the “transfer station”, post office, bottle depot. I planned to lend my truck to friends, and didn’t want them to have it in the messy condition it was. I stopped for coffee and toast at Morels.

As I sat by myself in the restaurant, I composed the previous post to my blog, and then went on with my day. When I got home, customers, ahead of schedule, were waiting in the yard. The friends who needed my truck pulled in right behind me; they too were ahead of schedule but still welcome. I apologized for not vacuuming my truck cab, but then … I was saved from having to vacuum!

Since then, I have busied myself around the dog kennels. Willis is helping me, as I replaced a panel that some scalliwag (naughty dog) chewed:


He is gazing (may I say adoringly?) into my eyes and almost sitting on my lap; we got the job done!

Dr. Vogel was here yesterday to drop off some antibiotics for Prin, the cat. He seemed amenable to having the “two minute tour”, which is basically walking through the kennel building from front to back and viewing the outdoor courtyards. Bless his heart, the vet remarked, “How nice of Gary to do all of this for you!”.

My dear hubby has helped a great, great deal. But I didn’t want to sell myself short either, so I explained that while we have done much of the work together. Part of me being enamored with the bolt-together panels is that I can do a lot by myself.

I forgot to ask Dr. Vogel if I can now say that my facility is “veterinarian inspected”.

One of our guests this weekend is this adorable dachshund. Zoё is visiting for the first time, and she hid in her airline kennel for about a day. I had to find a time when she was outside her crate in order to pick her up (I know better than to reach in and grasp a nervous dog!), and I had been asked to trim her nails. She was very well behaved for the nail trimming.



Oops! I hear new clients turning in off the highway. I had to scramble to make a kennel available for two dogs, but I’m happy to make friends and help them out.

Love, Ann


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