Life and Pets

More hazards of the business…

Well gee whiz, I knew the new kennel panels were not heavy duty, but it frustrated me yesterday that a medium-sized dog did considerable damage to a panel in her run. She wiggled through this hole into the large enclosure, thank GOODNESS not to her freedom.


I also had to repair a gate that Beastie chewed. He’s a repeat offender. I’m starting to feel pretty aggravated; we are keeping these pets safe, fed, entertained to an extent, dry and warm, and still they can get themselves worked up enough to chew the chain link, dig enormous holes, destroy their own dog beds or ours. A certain amount of um, discontent, is understandable, and most pets appreciate my efforts to “suck up”. Eventually I come to know which pets are a management issue… comes with the territory. Thanks for letting me rant a little.


It has been pretty busy at the Pet Hostel all summer. It seems that there are always at least twelve to fifteen dogs, and sometimes more than twenty. I feel so fortunate.

I made new friends tonight; they only needed babysitting for a few hours:

Fang & Lucy

Above are Fang and Lucy. I don’t know what has changed about posting pictures in my blog entries… each one ends up at the top of the page, and when I move it to where I want it, the caption will not come with it.

Joey went home yesterday; he went back to the farm with a shampoo and haircut.


I saw Giles this week when he came for his spa day:


Okay, I just have to tell you. I finished harvesting the last of our carrots this week. That’s not remarkable, I know. We don’t have a root cellar, and I don’t want a root cellar: I store just a few carrots in the fridge and chop, blanch and freeze the rest for soups or casseroles.

I dislike peeling bucketfuls of carrots, and also loathe scrubbing each one. For years, I have filled mesh bags with carrots and washed them in the clothes washer.


Lazy? undoubtedly. Efficient? I think so! Our potatoes all have scab, so I’m harvesting them as fast as I can. I simmer them until they are quite well cooked and I can slip the skins, then dice and freeze potatoes too.

I’m sad that the mornings and evenings are so cool already, again. It has been such a glorious summer: I enjoyed the heat, for the most part, and who could complain about having so few mosquitoes?

If I had anything even almost profound to say, I have forgotten it. Talk to you soon!













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