Life and Pets

A fulfilling day …

That’s kind of redundant, as most of my days are full of joy and fulfillment. Sorry if that seems over-the-top excessively happy, but that’s just the way it is.

This afternoon, I stayed so busy and worked so hard that I felt overtired and almost frantic with hunger from about four o’clock. Finally, a customer who had declined to be “pinned down” about when he would deliver his dog… arrived. I cannot talk in my public blog about *cough* a customer, hypothetically, boring me to tears about their special pet, can I?

Then, I made a phonecall pinning someone else down about the time they’d arrive, making them feel sheepish, which wuss not my intention.

Eventually, it seemed that I was free to get the mail, (ahem, buy a bottle of vodka), and grab dinner in town. Oh… I delivered a bouquet of lilies to the Beanery, where I have been an inconsistent customer at best. Maybe that redeems me for something, on some level.

At Morels restaurant, I had the best burger ever, and NO, I hadn’t had a drink yet. Before I ordered, I had the nicest visit with Ellise and Andrew, staff at this establishment.

I know my ego is too fragile, and I’m so impressionable, but I find it flattering that young people greet me with enthusiasm and chat with me. I said something to Andrew once about being an “old woman”, and he responded, “Pfft, you make yourself sound like a lizard!”. He always makes me laugh, whether he’s being ingratiating, consoling, or showing off his great new boots made in Scotland? His line is, “I know, eh?”, or, “SOMEBODY’S gotta do it!.

I promised both Ellise and Andrew that I would try to conserve energy tomorrow so that I can attend some music in the park in the evening. Ellise’s family is very talented and they perform well together. My young friend let me know that it would NOT be out of line to bring a little flask of something to the performance.

So I had my burger, and a glass of wine, and another glass of wine. I accidentally sloshed some of my water onto the tablecloth, and apologized to Andrew for that. To my surprise, he came along with, OMG, a THIRD glass of wine, saying that it was “on him” because there may have been “spillage”. Three drinks is quite a binge for me… I told the young waiter that I had had a notion of working on one of my rental homes in town, but that maybe I should just go home and clean the corral instead.

And that’s just what I did. Came home, let Lady and McKenna out of the house (they had been watching Dog Town), and cleaned the corral!

Gary phoned, and I cannot write about what he goes through with his mother. If he can phone, it is a great way to end our day. I’m very happy that he has a wilderness retreat and reunion, and visits with friends, coming up.

I think it’s time to turn the idiot box back on for the rest of the evening. There are customers arriving at 7 am., the start of another beautiful day.

Talk to you soon!

Love, Ann

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