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Thursday done …

Another day gone, the time goes fast. Gad, I’m tired.

I didn’t have any grooming scheduled today, as I wanted to clean lots of garlic. There are quite a few boarders here, too, and more will arrive for the weekend.

The family from Grande Prairie arrived this afternoon (they were referred to our care by the folks in Valemount who used to board dogs). What a great pair of senior dogs they have:




Roger has just one ‘window to his soul’. He’s sweet

These dogs had very attractive tags on their collars. Bo’s reads: “Bo” and “Good Dog”. Roger’s reads: “Roger” and “Escape Artist”. I will be extra EXTRA careful.

As well, “in house” and also the outdoor runs, we have Rosie, Robbie, Cooper, Teaka, Hoss, Mick & Rory, Blitzen, another Cooper, Buddy, Odie and Smudge. Tomorrow I’m expecting Bandit, Tucker, Bear, Baxter, Jasper … that’s all I remember without looking up from my book.

I will look after a toy poodle named Timbit while his owner attends a function in our town, every evening for three days. The lady told me that she and her dog have not been separated even one night during Timbit’s life, and so she would be leaving him until 10 pm. only. I explained that we close at 9 pm., so that this arrangement wouldn’t work. We eventually compromised with me saying that I felt she would have time to pick up the dog at 9:20 or so, considering that the function was over at 9-ish. I feel a little nervous.

This afternoon it seemed like Christmas!  Not a moment too soon, the extra indoor kennels arrived, and the outdoor panels I had ordered as well. Here’s the set up in my building:


I worried that there really was not room for this new bank of three indoor kennels, but as my Gary succinctly reminded me, “They’re not really taking up more room than all that other stuff you had in here.”. He simply said what I was thinking already. It was daunting to find places to put all that I took out and I’m not finished yet.

We cleaned garlic together most of the afternoon. It’s a beautiful thing … all that garlic, all that deliciousness. In the shade of the Mayday tree, with the temperature most pleasant and almost NO mosquitoes, it seems like a fine way to spend time. However, by the end of a few hours of that work, my hands ache terribly.

There’s almost never anything wrong with me other than general aches and pains as I get older. I’ve been having trouble with my left thumb, which seems odd to me, since I’m right handed. Many mornings I’ve found that one joint in the thumb “locks”, and both joints are painful. Sometimes I’ve spent the first half of the day holding my left hand in a tight fist… the only way I feel relief. Magically, some days it doesn’t bother me very much at all.

Although the work was not hard today, I made only the simplest supper: smokies on the bbq, bean salad, and tortilla chips with salsa. This evening it seemed that some of the dogs would never be quiet, but now they are all bedded down: not a peep at the moment.

Lady & McKenna dreamily breathe in the aroma from the barbecue.

Lady & McKenna dreamily breathe in the aroma from the barbecue.

I’ve played myself out chattering again. It is so nice to be able to talk to you at the end of a day; I hope yours was pleasant too.

Love, Ann



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