Life and Pets

“I made it up”…

Much like the zucchini bread batter, in which I substituted this and that for the other, and it turned out well, I made a sort of Indianish dinner. Yes, I know that’s not a word, but I’ll bet you know what I mean.

I had stew beef, so I browned and stewed that in the crock pot to make something like vindaloo, only the sauce it was stewed in was … tandoori sauce. From a jar. If I may say so: it’s delicious.

We have TONS of garden vegetables, so I didn’t follow a recipe, but picked from the garden: carrots, onions, broccoli and kohlrabi to steam and then serve with what I fancied: coriander coconut cream sauce. I Googled it, and then just as I always do with recipes from recipe books… took the general idea and concocted something from what I have on hand. We have real coriander (little green seeds from the cilantro plant), real garlic, and minced ginger in the fridge. Oh, and a can of coconut milk. Oh! and I should run and get some hot peppers from the greenhouse. Be right back.


Okay… added a hot Hungarian pepper to the Indian vegetable medley. How ’bout THAT for a fusion dinner?

I also just happened to have six papadums left from the last time I served a version of Indian dinner. Hurray! I didn’t want to make naan, I have to say. Also, there was basmati rice cooked in pork broth in the freezer. Seems like it’s all coming together.

It has been a good day. I groomed a tiny pomeranian this morning; the owner wanted a sort of lion cut, but it was not possible considering the coat was thick and a bit tangled. So “Taz” got sheared quite short, with a cute little teddybear head. I didn’t get a photo; barely got done in the time I’d set for myself.

Other than the care of boarders, the rest of the day was occupied by the cleaning of garlic. We have only just made a decent head start. Gary and I both work on cleaning, I do most of the marketing (weighing and distribution). Gary is the garlic king; he has done all of the growing and harvest. This year the crop has been more bountiful than ever. It is almost all sold ahead of time.


Tonight I am waiting for new friends, both human and canine, to travel from Grand Prairie, Alberta. I’ll share pictures, probably tomorrow.

It was the neatest thing that the family who used to be “competition” in Valemount, actually gave these pet owners our name. Evidently, the other kennel is not taking any new clients, and I acknowledge the referral as a a gesture of good will; I’ll phone them or write a note to say thank you.

Must go catch up with some chores that I missed while cleaning garlic and preparing supper.

Love you!

~ Ann


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