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Hazards of doing business …

The first part of this post is from yesterday afternoon:

No, no… don’t jump to any conclusions. I’m not going to go on about the specific hazards of my particular occupation. We have had very good luck for a very long time. Perhaps we have even achieved a certain level of competence over that time.

What I’m stewing about tonight is that I’m unnerved by rudeness shown to me today. I can’t very well rant about this in my public blog now, can I? My friends are allowed to ask me, but you can also be sure that the “sting” of being treated with some disrespect will soon be forgotten. Or WILL it?

Other than being thrown for a loop this afternoon, I have had another wonderful day! I hope you have, as well.

This morning several people came to pick free raspberries, and as they were leaving, each in turn, I felt that I got to know these individuals a little better. Oh my goodness, everyone seemed so witty and funny today! I am so glad that I don’t have several other “jobs” to go to, or a pager to listen for, any more; it seems I have time to stand and gab and learn about others and make new friends. They, on the other hand, were probably trying to get on with their busy days while I chattered and imagined myself witty and funny.

Over the course of the day, I got quite a bit of stuff put away (in a shed), or thrown into the back of the truck for recycling or as trash. It’s as if I have suddenly gained some clarity … I know what to do with some items that I’ve hoarded for years or decades, and realize how easy they would be to replace. I still have a great deal of trouble parting with anything of my mom’s or of Myrtle’s, and worry about what my daughters will think if I get rid of certain things. The catalyst lately, though, is the need to make room for the new kennels and to clean out the greenhouse (as Gary has promised me some nice raised beds there). One day I put several items on our local Facebook Buy & Sell page, and those sales were brisk.

I’ve been trying to sell the grooming table that I just bought this spring. It simply wasn’t what I wanted, and I didn’t read the fine print. That would free up some space again in the kennel building. The two things that I’ve decided I just CANNOT part with are the recliner chair, which is comfortable enough to sleep in, and I know this from experience, and the guinea pig. I want to keep our little Taffy, the dog Lady would search for the piggy in the most piteous way, so Taffy stays. I’ll just have to work around those “items”. Maybe the large guinea pig cage can be inside one of the new wire kennels until I need it for a dog.


At that point, I was interrupted; I can’t remember what I was interrupted by. Today is a new day, and a good day as well.

I didn’t get up early, but sort of hit the floor running. I fed and watered and petted all of the guests: Rosie, Sierra & Petunia, Teaka & Bowser (the boarding cats), Holly, Hoss, Sadie & Nellie, Boston, Shuster, Foxy & Mo, and Mick. Then Palla, Willis and Hunter arrived and Foxy & Mo and Shuster went home.

While there were customers in the driveway, I had a strange episode of acid reflux. I don’t want to gross you out, but I believe I ended up with stomach juices in my SINUSES, esophagus, windpipe, nasal passages. At one point I thought I was going to have to “sign” someone to call 911. As I stood and coughed and sputtered, hanging over my doggy bathtub, I eventually rallied, and though I could not talk very well with my throat on fire, I got on with my business and my day. When Shuster’s owner asked if I was alright, I patted my chest and then gave him the thumbs up. What did that mean? I guess, “I can’t talk right now, but I’ll live.”

I groomed a wee doggie named Chelsea. Didn’t get a new picture, but here’s a previous one:


Brought the horse in, watered the greenhouse, started emptying the greenhouse of junk (so my dear hubby can make some raised beds),  Shuster went home so I filled in all the excavations in his kennel, mixed and poured some concrete to restore the “dig-resistance” to that space, watered some plant pots, stepped in some dog shit, washed my shoes, washed the kennel building floor, got rid of the dog pile I’d stepped in, fed the guinea pig, emptied the compost, cleaned the oven (which had had Easy-Off sprayed in it a few days ago). Chelsea went home. I haven’t cleaned all of the kennels yet, but the day’s still young.

Earlier this morning I tried to trace the “packages” that are new kennels. I had one method of looking up their whereabouts, and it look like they had been delivered to this street address … in Kent, Washington! There was no indication that they were handed off to another freight company. I didn’t get an answer or return phone call from the phone number I had once been given, so I tried a different one, and discovered that the kennels have crossed into Canada and would be here next week. That was reassuring.

Must run away to put some more laundry in and scrub the oven racks in my dog tub. It’s only 1 pm. and I feel weary, and soon it’s time to do the rounds again. Do you think I’ll manage to pick any cherries or peas or vacuum the house? It’s possible! On the other hand, “Happy Hour” might be held early today.

I love you all.

~ Ann




2 thoughts on “Hazards of doing business …

  1. Bad Karma for the rude person!

    Wanted to thank you again for the wonderful spa day you provided for all 3 of my dogs. They are so much “cooler” now. I want to post a before and after picture of Thompson, but am not sure how. Have a great weekend !

    • I LOVE your doggies. Remember, if you ever need *cough* long, long term boarding for Daizy, I’m on it! Well for any would be fine, but especially Daizy. I’ll get myself in trouble if I play favourites. lol

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