Dogs and Life

And the beat goes on…

Today a couple of dogs went home and two arrived this evening. We’re not in an overflow situation, but for me, there’s no goofing around: it’s a full time job and big responsibility.

I made new friends from a large town three hour’s drive from here. They were so worried that they would be coming in after “closing time”, but they confirmed the reservation and then phoned from Jasper, 169 km. away. They did very well and got here while it was still daylight, only a few minutes after 9 o’clock. This is the beautiful dog that their young children saved money for and purchased for themselves:



Hoss is a Bernese Mountain Dog, and though it’s difficult to appreciate his size in this photo, his vet says that he is 105 pounds.

It has been such a good day. We had brunch with our friends, and then I was occupied with doing the rounds … checking water, cleaning up after dogs, and distributing hugs and cookies. I continue to work in my kennel building to make space for the new kennels, which have been shipped (are in transit) from Washington. (In our area, speedy delivery can take several days or longer!). I am very excited for the small increase in indoor capacity, and could already have used it. I’m also adding to our outdoor exercise yard/s.

There’s so much to do and summer is half over! I have “leftover” trees still in pots waiting to be planted out: landscaping for the new dog yards, mostly. I haven’t weeded the perennial flower beds.

Even so, I have a spring in my stride these days and feel “lighter”. It seems that I’m on my feet most of every day and have still been coping well. I don’t think I’ve lost any weight and refuse to let that get me down as I so often have, but for some reason I feel like I’m picking up speed.

That is, until about this time of night. Occasionally after a productive day, I take ibuprofen just to get comfortable in the recliner chair or to get to sleep. When morning comes, I just feel like striding, well, everywhere! I often think I’m going to “skip”, but now that I’m pushing 60, I’m afraid to SKIP, maybe break a HIP. But that’s how light my heart usually is.

Sometimes I think the other shoe will drop. I feel grief like anyone does, and worry as well. I lay awake some nights thinking of other peoples’ cares and woes, and my heart aches with sympathy and empathy. I know my pleasant, fulfilled days will sustain me, and I hope I can show support and compassion for those who need it.

Time to call it a day! Thanks for visiting my blog, friends.

Love, Ann

p.s. In addition to all his other work, Gary has been harvesting garlic. He’s about halfway through the crop as he starts on the “hard-neck” variety that he grows. We have orders for many, many pounds, and we can start cleaning it in a week.

Garlic 2014

Garlic 2014

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