Dogs and Life

Rainy day …

… still a beautiful life.

I think we’ve had enough rain for now. I didn’t mind the heat that we had, as long as I didn’t have to do too much work in it. And now it’s not hot, and rained all day, and it’s hard to work outside in THAT too.

There wasn’t too much on the schedule for grooming today, at least not at first.  While I was grooming this tiny 16 year old shih tzu, the phone rang, and then I had another, much bigger dog to clip and bathe.


This is Betty, a German Shepherd X Irish Wolfhound, maybe. She was only about 70 pounds … not as big as I’d envisioned when her owner made the appointment and described her. Betty was SUCH a good girl, among the best behaved of any breed or size, even though she rarely leaves the farm and certainly hadn’t been clipped or bathed. She didn’t express much angst, and definitely no aggression.

Betty "before"

Betty “before”

Betty "after"

Betty “after”

Betty’s “children”, the young people in her family, could not believe their eyes when they came to pick the dog up. “Is this really our dog??” It was fun and funny to witness, and the kids had been told that they would NOT be allowed to laugh at the dog: all three had their hands clamped firmly over their mouths! The lady who owns Betty was quite pleased, and the dog was relaxed and happy too.

I also bathed Cole today, and he is a good boy for grooming. Though he pulls awfully hard on the leash while I try to walk him, he is humble and obedient in nature.


We had several dogs go home today, and a few came this evening. At the moment the head count is, let’s see… Rosie, Sierra, Petunia, Cleo, Bowser, Sadie & Nellie, Mick, Palla, Shuster, Bandit and Boston. I got wild this morning and ordered three more kennels for my kennel building, without a clear plan about how I can fit them in. I will have to rearrange many things and certainly get rid of items, but I’m excited. There is little risk: if I do not succeed in fitting them into my space indoors, I will be able to use them somewhere else. I have been near-capacity or in an overflow situation most of the summer so far, at least in the indoor runs.

In Facebook, some people declare “Throwback Thursdays”, and share some moldy old picture of themselves or other history. I didn’t find the photo I was actually looking for, but I shared this one:


I can’t remember the time of year, but I think it must be wintertime, as my hair appears so dark. I’ve always been blond … that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. I wish I was one of those people who had aged gracefully, but it is not to be.

It’s early, only 11 o’clock, but I must check on the guests and then turn in. Tomorrow is an easier day, if it goes as planned.

Love, Ann

Kennels in summer 2014

Kennels in summer 2014



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