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Another lovely day …

It has seemed like a busy day, but just “steady”,  not overwhelming.

I bathed, brushed, blew-dry and furminated Bodhi:


Bodhi was a real trouper: I apologized to the dog when I discovered that a single bath was not sufficient. Back into the tub he went after he was half dry. The second shampooing removed the funky smell from his face and neck. I forget if I was told what Bodhi had rolled in.

Before my grooming started for the day, Gary and I cleaned up the rubble from the shed I demolished yesterday. While tearing the walls down, I found this piece of cardboard tacked to the wood (presumably to stop a draft), and the printing struck me funny.



Then I washed and trimmed Gus. He goes home tomorrow. Now that we can see his eyes … isn’t he adorable? He has been a most pleasant dog to babysit … one of my favourite Shih Tzus. I know I’ve mentioned that before.


I also groomed “Bandit”, who is not going home for at least another week. I simply thought, “I have the time and energy right now, so why not?”.


Bandit is a shelter dog who appears to be purebred schnauzer, with an undocked tail. He’s pretty appealing too, eh?

Gary started harvesting the garlic today. I posted something about that in the McBride Buy & Sell Facebook page, and am getting orders steadily!


Tonight Shadow went home, and Bear and Khuno too. Some of my “easiest” guests! I can’t complain though, we have a nice bunch here … no barking in the night and not much in daytime either. We have Rosie, Gus, Bowser the cat, Oreo & Bella, Mick, Palla, Tippy, Willy, and Cole. ❤

Now this is a sight we don’t see in McBride every day. Beside one of our mid-town parks, I noticed a couple of sizable exercise runs with SEVEN shelties, plus a lady sitting in a lawn chair watching over the dogs.



I was on my way to pick up Tippy from my friend who lives West of town, but on my way back, I decided to stop to talk to the woman. She and another friend, both widows, were travelling across western Canada. At least one agility show is planned in the city of Prince George, for “George” , just one of the group. Most of them are owned by Karin, who used to breed shelties as you might imagine.

Picture in the top photo, left to right: Isabella, Paloma, George, Carolyn, Sarah.

Bottom photo: Hanna, Joel, Isabella, Paloma.

“Summerlove Shelties Canada

Gary is out in his shop, refinishing his oar. No, that is not some kinky reference… he is preparing for a canoe trip! Not telling you when: I know I can trust you, but I get a little bit afraid when I’m here by myself and don’t want too many people to know when my best friend/sidekick/protector is away. 🙂 Okay?

That’s it for tonight. Love you all and it makes me feel great to think you’re checking up on me now and then.

~ Ann



One thought on “Another lovely day …

  1. Hi Ann. Just returned from our wonderful holiday in BC. Thanks for stopping by for a chat and your kind remarks about our dogs.A big THANK YOU to the mechanic in Mac Bride who helped us in a bad situation..

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