Dogs and Life

A lovely day …

The fog of the bad mood has definitely lifted. This has been a peaceful, happy day.

I slept in this morning and woke to hear a customer’s diesel truck in the yard at 7:30. She didn’t care that I greeted her in my nightie and winter jacket, and Cole certainly didn’t.


Gary and I went to breakfast at the Sandman today. The chef/owner of Morels sent me a message that they were going to open at 11. Our friends-of-the-breakfast-club are away, so it was just “we two” for brunch, and that was just fine also. We were joined almost as we got up to leave by two women friends, and I enjoyed that visit immensely.

I had lots of “puttering” to do when we got home. I cleaned kennels, cuddled dogs, had some picked up.

This is one of the finest boxers I’ve ever met or had the privilege of boarding. He belongs to folks who attended a wedding that was held in this town; I may never see the dog or his humans again, but I certainly enjoyed him.









After the routine work of the day, I thought, “I should get some more exercise…”. So I tore down a shed.


This was once what seemed to be a child’s playhouse. The guy who owned this place before I bought it was dour and frugal, but in its day, this structure was pretty cute. It was made mostly of peeled poles attached at the four corners, and had a wee hobbit door. The shed was always impractical for an adult to make use of. Over time, the long shingles on the roof became brittle and mossy (and looked to me like they could be used for fairy doors or other crafts). At any rate, tearing down this shed was quite a workout: whatever wasn’t rotten was still strong, with no shortage of 3″ nails.

A good result from knocking down the building is that the nearby dog runs look nicer. Now that every kennel has some shade all day, I am happy to “open up” the view from them. Dogs will be able to watch us work in the vegetable garden… er, GARY work in the garden.

I was telling Gary earlier today that our place is looking a like a “park”, especially in the back yard where he has worked so hard to level more ground, plant grass, and keep it mowed. Before Gary came here to live, I hardly visited behind the house, and rarely could keep a lawnmower running.

I barbecued dinner tonight. We need a new barbecue. I had pork tenderloin, baby potatoes and onion in packages of foil and had intended to slow-cook these. I turned the barbecue down to almost its lowest point, came back 1/2 hour later (after I accidentally had a nap on the couch) and found that the temperature was 500˚! Then I turned the burners even lower and put a medley of vegetables (carrots and onions from our garden, pattypan squash from Susan, a bell pepper from the store) in the Lee Valley grilling pan:


Dinner was pretty tasty, but the pork and potatoes definitely cooked at too high a heat … edges were BLACKENED. We did find enough to eat.

Now I’m all achy and worn out from my exertion this afternoon. “Hurts so good”, after having accomplished something. The cleaning up and loading of the demolished shed will take longer than what I did today. I might ask for help. 😉

Thanks for visiting my blog. ~ Ann

Love you all and hope you’re well.



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