Just Life

Moodiness …

I don’t know what was wrong with me today. I’m pretty much back to my normal state tonight, which I like to think of as … pleasant.

This morning I felt agitated. I won’t tell specifically in a public blog what was contributing to my “foulish”mood. In a day or two I will have forgotten!

After staying around home to take dogs in and check dogs out and accomplish my usual work, I was feeling sort of … trapped. Captive. It seemed that every time I thought of running an errand, it was too close to the time I was expecting someone to come here, and they were not always on time. Or we hadn’t set a very precise time frame, which is as much MY fault.

One of my customers expected me to deliver her doggy right smartly, but I could not get away. There is a problem at my rental house (not an emergency, but perhaps requiring a few hours’ work).

I posted some items for sale on the McBride Buy & Sell Facebook page, and that ended up being a bit of a hassle. Really, by noon I was feeling quite frustrated.

After composing a note to Gary about my approximate whereabouts (with my cell number), I took the doggy to her owner and then “hid out in plain sight” at Morels. The owner was very busy, but always welcoming, and I ordered a breakfast for my lunch. I spent quite a few minutes decompressing, answering emails, and playing Scrabble.

When I went to the till to pay, I spoke to the young waiter, who also is friendly no matter how busy. I told him that this morning I had been feeling tired, pushed and stressed.

He matter of factly replied (without looking up, as he was doing something for a moment), “That’s because you don’t DRINK enough.”.

This has struck me funny all day long. I even thought about it during dear Morris’ funeral and smiled to myself. I posted the short anecdote on Facebook and have received 30+ “Likes”.

I haven’t had even a sip of alcohol, but I’m feeling okay.


Haven’t got a new picture to share with you tonight, but I thought I’d visit for a moment.

Love you all.

~ Ann

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