Life and Pets

For the life of me, I couldn’t decide what to call this post.

Here it is, evening again, and though I didn’t work hard today, I’m tired. I cannot believe it has been almost a week since our Party; it took weeks to prepare for and then was over so fast. When I go into McBride, I still get asked about the occasion, so I suppose you’d say I can still “bask in the glory”, though I don’t like to take myself that seriously.

The article in one of the newspapers was impressive in its scope, but inaccurate in some of the details. Part of that is my fault … I was nervous and awkward while talking to “the press”, even though the reporter was a very nice lady.


The week has been hot, HOT, but today there has been some light rain. It is cool, and I hope that the areas of the province that are affected by wildfires are getting some of this.

Today I just groomed Rosie, a petite golden retriever. She seemed disconcerted by the bath, and also the blow dryers, but generally seemed to enjoy the combing and brushing. Rosie certainly enjoyed the net result!


That’s Gus in the background, waiting for his share of the attention. He is one of my favourite shih tzu type dogs: pleasant and not too needy, relatively quiet too.

Hunter came back for a short stay. He is another smallish golden retriever, probably related to Rosie. He’s cheerful and energetic but obedient, and is being treated for a hot spot on the underside of his tail. I am willing to treat the wound and administer his antibiotics, and have provided a cone, which the vet says he must wear.



“Bowser” the cat is staying for a month or more. I’ve shown you his picture before. He stays part of the time in a “converted” dog run … covered with sturdy netting and outfitted with “Nana’s Chair”. When the doors are closed and it’s relatively quiet in the kennel building, I let Bowser out to explore. He has seemed completely satisfied with the accommodations and treatment.


We have dear ol’ Shadow staying with us this weekend, too. Talk about a dog who is no trouble at all! She gives us that woebegone look, but seems quite at home.


Remy and Belle went home today. They are among my loveliest, most loving pit bull crosses that I board. I actually don’t have any trouble with any of the pit bull or pitty mixes that come here regularly.


You haven’t read anything about me fixing up the little house that Susan and I bought in May, have you? That is because I have had almost no time to visit the house or do any improvements. I have been waiting for a plumber for weeks.

Our favourite electrician did an assessment/safety check a couple of weeks ago. There were a few mysteries and ills, but the electrical was not appalling. Dave was going to order some new baseboard heaters and get back to me.

While Susan visited last weekend, after the party and cleanup happened, we had more time to visit. We made the decision to demolish the house. Once we discussed this, it was not the least bit difficult to switch my thinking over to the new plan. I feel relief and some excitement. Now Su and I will plan a small home for the lot as an investment.

Okay, again I’m too tired to chat, but I’m so glad you are reading my blog. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Love, Ann





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