Life and Pets

Snow in July…

Yesterday and today, I groomed dogs that needed dematting and “blowing out” with the high velocity dryer. It seemed like snowfall inside my grooming shop … hurting nobody, but impossible to control.

This big guy, “Cash” was quiet and stoic, and despite that some of the process of grooming him would not have felt comfortable (bath, combing, cutting through mats, blow drying), he did not make any move to bite or move away. The cutest thing was that as the white hair was lifted and swirled above our heads, he looked up with the wide-eyed innocence of a child, as if it really was snow! Blink, blink blink … he seemed to think this over and then went back to snoozing.

Cash: before

Cash: before

Cash: after

Cash: after

Today I groomed the prettiest little old husky, “Diamonds”. It snowed in the kennel building again this afternoon.



Gamble, another husky, went home this evening. He might be the easiest husky ever, to babysit. He ate well, played, and was not very vocal.


You’ll be wondering about the 30th Anniversary Party for the Pet Hostel. It was a wonderful time … I was showered with gifts and praise and hugs. I really wanted to make a speech about the occasion being more about customer appreciation than my “accomplishment”, but I ended up with my back well patted. The party was not as well attended as I would have liked, and this was partly due to our heat wave. People were also busy haying. Even so, I was delighted to see who showed up, and we stayed cool in Gary’s shop, with our wheelbarrow full of ice, pop, and beer, all the food too.

The day after the party, I had to say goodbye again to Shelly and Kim, and my friend Barb who had driven from Pincher Creek. The rest of the day was spent picking up and putting things away, and Gary, Susan and I worked together. I still feel like I’m “digging out” from the weekend, because I’ve had so much grooming to do since.

I’m too tired to write any more tonight. I can’t think. I believe that tomorrow will be an easier day… several boarding dogs arriving and a couple boarders going home. Maybe I’ll catch up with my posts soon and share more photos.

Love you! ~ Ann





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