Life and Pets

An easier day…

That’s the plan anyway! … or just how it worked out.

Gary picked me up when I left my truck for servicing this morning. I’m home again and have no grooming scheduled for the day. It’s raining lightly, just a mist, so I don’t feel that it’s urgent to be watering the pots, greenhouse and gardens that were neglected in the days leading up to the party and since. I’m not stranded as I have the use of the car if I need it, but I have become “disenchanted” with the vehicle and prefer to wait for my truck to come back.

There is nowhere else I need to go and am so content here.

I have not finished putting things away from the weekend! Things are tidied up quite well, but there are still tasks to do. It seems as though we could be ready at a day’s notice for another gathering , but realistically, when will we have one of that magnitude? Should I donate dishes, forks and signage to the Robson Valley Music Festival? Dishes to the thrift shop? Keep in storage a bin labelled, “Ann’s Party Pack”?

Not as many people showed up as I expected. I’m grateful for the attendance just as it was, with the many hugs, contributions and gifts, and the opportunity to thank my customers and friends for “being there” in every sense of the word. Other than Cream Soda, I didn’t stockpile anything that couldn’t be used or consumed by us, eventually. Maybe I will add the cream soda to the leftover Scorpion Bowl in the weeks to come!

We kept cool in Gary's shop

We kept cool in Gary’s shop

At least I’m not ending this post, “Too tired to write…”, but I have to run along to take care of my minions (boarding guests). Back later, maybe. Take care, everyone.

~ Ann


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