Just dogs

Busy and blessed, part 2 …

I’m so lucky to have work I love. Sorry if I sound like a stuck record.

I was up and out the door at 7:00 to greet folks who were leaving their sweet dog, Sky, just for the day. The weather is mighty warm lately, and a car in the city is no place for man or beast, especially if you have to actually stop or park.


The chickens were fed, then Gamble, Tucker, Hunter and Smudge. I sat in Nana’s chair in “Bowser’s” kennel for a few minutes. Bower is a cat, as you might recall.

Snickers needed a ride from town, so I combined that errand with a trip to the hardware and grocery stores. I almost had this doggy groomed before the next ones arrived for their spa day.


Thompson the Portugese Water Dog, Fanny Mae the yorkie, and Daizy the chiweenie came for grooming too. They were somewhat past due for a visit to any dog spa, and their owner helpfully showed me a picture of how she would like Tommy and Fanny to look. I do not mind that, but their coats were pretty tangled, and I stressed for hours as I tried to comb out/leave long/approximate the pictures. In the end I felt almost defeated… certainly frustrated and weary. But do you know what? The owners loved the job I did and said nothing about the dogs being shorter than we’d discussed.

I would like to share “old” photos of these delightful dogs, because I did not have time to take new ones.




That little face of Daizy reminds me of my late Callie who was so sweet. I casually mentioned that the owners could give Daizy to me if they wanted to … they didn’t.

Little Murphy came for grooming today as well, right at the end of the work day. He is precious and cooperative, not matted, and did not take long to clip and bathe. Then I delivered Snickers back to town, hurried home and made soft tacos for dinner … “on TIME!”


Tomorrow I am set to give Ghost a bath and brush (and nails). I must admit that I look forward to making the big malamute girl look whiter, but the job will require some effort and patience. I will try to share a picture with you.

There will be up to five more boarders arriving, some for the day, and some for the whole weekend. I do hope that the guests can remain calm and reasonably quiet for the party!

The shop was so busy this morning that when Gary asked if I was coming in for lunch, I asked if he would please make me a sandwich, and I’d eventually be in for a few minutes. Even though it WAS “just” a toasted salami and cheddar sandwich, it seemed stellar and renewed my energy.

My eyes are threatening to slam shut. Thanks for checking this blog.

Love, Ann

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