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Busy and blessed…

Compared to any pet business in a larger centre, I am not so busy, but it seems that most days I reach the end of my endurance, and then have to push a little bit more. Even so, this is what I’ve wanted and dreamed of, so it’s all a gift.

Yesterday, I thought I only had Lucy to groom. She is a long time customer and pal of mine, and got a short summer clip. She frolicked about like a puppy after she was finished:




Then a long time human friend phoned, and I chose to fit her little dog in, rather than make her wait until after the weekend. This is Molly:



I had earlier decided to bath and brush McKenna. You might recall that McKenna is Shelly’s senior dog, and she seems to thrive on in the country setting, so we are all in agreement that McKenna may retire here. She tore around the yard like crazy after her spa treatment, leaping high in the air and barking joyfully, “Look at me!”.



Also, Cinnabar came for his tune-up. He seems to love us and enjoy coming for a hair cut and bath.


Somewhere in the midst, Lily and Jersey came over for their regular toenail clipping. Their angst over the procedure has abated somewhat over time. They both used to gasp and holler and roll around and fight me for each nail, tongues turning blue and eyes bulging. We all thought they might have heart attacks. Both the girls are still drama queens, letting out blood-curdling screams even when I hold them close and pick up the nail scissors, but it’s not constant, and I get the job done. I have to state, though, that neither has EVER bit me. I usually get one nail or more just a little too short, so that there is a bit of blood involved: pug nails are legendary among dog groomers for difficulty.

I love these girls regardless:

Lily & Jersey

Lily & Jersey

This handsome fellow arrived in the evening yesterday … first time boarding with me. “Gamble” is a two year old husky, and is as composed, obedient and well-adjusted as a dog can be. I’m told that he will go on the lam if he is out without a leash outside a kennel, but as a matter of policy we won’t let that happen!



Last night, my photos would not load for this blog entry, so I gave up and went to bed. If the timeline in the text seems off, that is the reason.

Looking for another busy, blessed day … I have a Portugese Water Dog, chiweenie, yorkie, shih tzu that I know of for grooming, and other dogs arriving for boarding.

Love you! Take care!

~ Ann

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