Life and Pets

Countdown to party time…

Every waking hour, I’ve been thinking of the open house planned for Saturday. I’m over-the-moon excited to see my family. There’s only so much I can do ahead of time, so I guess I’ll just have to be enthused all week. I should be spring cleaning or catching up on bookwork.

At any rate, I’m not going to have much of a break for party preparations, as the business is staying moderately busy.

Today I had just one medium dog to groom, and he was an absolute joy. His heavy coat had become somewhat matted, but mostly it was just thick with loose undercoat and light soil. I shampooed and conditioned Bernie thoroughly, and then gave him a rinse with very dilute coat whitener. Then the phone rang, and I was only a few minutes chatting with another customer while the wet blue dog stood forlornly in the tub.

It doesn’t show in the picture, but after the extra waiting time, it was VERY difficult to get the pretty colouring out of Bernie’s coat! I had to explain the interesting blue cast to his owner, who was very nice about it, and just laughed.


I took care of Monica’s “red dogs” this weekend. You can see that it is appropriate we refer to them collectively as “the red dogs”, and as I told her when she arrived to pick them up this morning, “I’m in LOVE with your red dogs!”.

Here they are. Archer is the little guy at top left. He’s a pug cross who needed a home when I boarded him a few years ago. Rather than keep him myself, I offered him to my friend, and Monica fell for him and has provided a loving home. He is getting old, sad to see. At top right is Lucy, a pit bull cross who went from stray in McBride to the SPCA in Prince George. When Monica found out about Lucy’s fate, she drove the 150 miles to adopt the dog, knowing that most adult pit bull crosses face certain death once they get to a “shelter”. At bottom right is Jackson, a senior pitty cross who is gentle and trusting. As you can see, they seemed quite content while here; they could come and go in their indoor-outdoor accommodation, and seemed to love me too.


Do you remember the African Grey parrot who stays here sometimes?


Max was boarding for a few days while Shelly visited two weeks ago. Shelly and I both thought we heard the clever bird say, “Hi, Ann!”, and I told his owner this. Now the owners report that he is calling out, “Hi, Ann!” in my voice all day long, plus barking like a dog (they don’t own one) and occasionally whimpering. I shudder to think that Max’s family might get tired of this new part of the bird’s repertoire.

Today the head count is low at the Pet Hostel: Bowser the cat indoors (with the company of our own cats nearby), and outdoors, Hunter, Tucker and Smudge. It will get busier very soon. Of course, Lady and McKenna are asleep at my feet as I chat with you.

This brings us up to date. I’m so glad to think I’ll be seeing some of you this Saturday. All of you, stay well!

Love, Ann




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