Life and Pets

Just call me Dr. Schwartz…

Of course, you know that I’m being completely facetious, right? I do not do vet work or pretend to be gifted or even smart. However, I am relieved and pleased with a decision I made today.

“Bed check” last night was after 11 pm. That’s probably as late as many owners tuck their pets in, and it works well with my own schedule. I’m often out in the kennels in the evenings, but even when I’m not, they all have their feeding times, early evening hugs and such, and then after I have a shower and am falling asleep playing Scrabble online, watching TV, or both, I check everyone again.


Axel seemed just fine during his whole stay, including last night.

This morning, my darling basset hound boarder had a slightly swollen cheek (I wasn’t even sure I was imagining this), and then I got a look at his EYE! It’s hard to describe, and I couldn’t even tell what exactly was going on. The third membrane of the eye was sort of at “half mast”. Also, Axel yelped when he tried to take a treat. I looked in his mouth and he didn’t really protest, but he seemed slobbery. I couldn’t see any problem.

I called the vet and left a message on the answering machine. All morning and part of the afternoon I fretted and agonized and waited to hear if I could take Axel to the clinic. I wondered if I should head for Prince George and find a vet there. Money was not a consideration.

I told Gary that I wondered if an abscessed tooth could cause the symptoms. If that were not the case, I thought perhaps Axel had had a stroke or a bee sting. What a long wait it seemed! I sent the owner a Facebook text, knowing that they were unlikely to be checking online.

So, before you are bored with this story, I shall tell you that the result of this drama has been satisfactory. Axel has an abscessed tooth, which is associated with a maxillary sinus infection now, which is the cause of the “googly” eye. I was so grateful that Dr. Vogel could see us today: the owners are on their way home as I type this, and we have been in touch by phone. Axel’s loving family will take it from here… but the dog got the painkillers and antibiotics needed, and is more comfortable.

Funny thing is, this affable hound has been so loving and gentle the whole time, up until the vet had to examine his mouth (affirming, to me, that the situation was worsening and that I had made the right call).

So that was my exciting day. Yes, I knew that Axel might be in some trouble and I still went to Sunday breakfast with friends. I hoped, somehow, that the symptoms would magically abate, as they would if the situation was all caused by a bite or sting.


The rest of my happy life is mostly about getting ready for the party next Saturday. Do you think many will come?

Love, Ann

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