Life and Pets

Another week gone …

Poof. The time seems to vanish.

We had such a wonderful visit with Shelly, who was able to stay longer than usual. I didn’t want her to EVER leave. I feel that way about my other daughters, too.

We were without Internet service again over the weekend. Funny how a person comes to depend on it … I like to stay “connected” of course, and some customers contact me through email or Facebook. So I was feeling uneasy after just a couple of hours without the Internet, wondering if it could possibly be our “fault” or if there was anything that would be done until Monday. By this morning, I was gnashing my teeth.

Most of the doggy boarders and the kitty guest have gone home from the weekend or a longer stay. I groomed a friend’s dog in mid-week … I don’t think they had ever seen her so short, but they were happy.



I groomed Beau this week, too. He’s a perennial favourite.


Tonight after supper, I was a bit bored by the TV. I knew some owners might come for their pets, but the evening was so beautiful that I knew I could putter around outside. So I shingled the outhouse roof. (Thank you to YouTube for succinct instructions.)


I was standing on a ladder to take the picture … that was enough time at any “height” for one day!

On the weekend, Shelly and I went to the yard sale of good friends. I have known the family since 1977 or ’78 … since shortly after I moved to the Valley, since before any of the girls were born (The Griffiths had three girls and so did we, ultimately!). The occasion of the sale was poignant; the girls and their father are saying goodbye to the family farm.


David Griffith's clan (minus a couple of grandkids in this pic)

David Griffith’s clan (minus a couple of grandkids and one husband, in this pic)

I’m sorry, I’m too tired to write any more tonight. Will try to keep up a little better.

Love, Ann



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