Dogs and Life

Ding dong, the Shepherds are gone…

What a great turnaround today has been. It has been satisfactory at least from the hour that the four German Shepherds were picked up.

Starting in the late morning, I was informed that the daughter of the fellow who had had the dogs confiscated was coming to get them. The day seemed to drag on, as the animals still barked a great deal: we couldn’t sit on the deck, move by the kitchen or living room windows, or out in the yard. Every time a cat strolled, the vocalization was collective, loud and long lasting. You can imagine the uproar every time a customer came by.

The young woman arrived in the early evening, after I had started to fret and had called one constable’s cell phone to try to confirm the plan. Last night seemed endless and today was almost as frustrating and tiring. Now that the dogs are gone, the atmosphere around here is wonderful again. We’re just waiting for Shelly to come back from Edmonton.

I had the opportunity to voice my frustration thoroughly to another constable late in the afternoon. We talked about other things too, mostly relating to what the owner of the dogs was in so much trouble for. Then he said something rather surprising, “I’m sure next time the RCMP asks for your help, you’ll tell them to make other arrangements!”. Evidently my bitching and moaning had been “heard”.

Several years ago, I was rudely treated by a constable while I was trying to solve a problem with a starving, stray dog. I had allowed a hound to be left in our care one winter. For some reason, the police were aware of the plight of the skinny dog, and one officer had decided that the owners should be charged with neglect. Coincidentally, I had learned who the owner of the dog was, but what I didn’t know was that that owner had been searching for his valuable hunting hound for ten days!

When I realized that the police knew I’d had a stray dog dumped here, I attempted to have a conversation about her. If they were wanting me to keep the dog in custody for an indefinite period of time, I felt the RCMP should pay the growing bill. The officer said, “Yahh… NO… that’s not going to happen.”. My response was that I wanted to return the dog to her owner (remember, I was not aware that the owner was looking for her, but I also didn’t think the dog had been intentionally starved.) The constable said, “Well, THEN you will be charged with interfering with a police investigation!”.

I was caught in a difficult spot. Eventually, the owners learned that the dog was at the Pet Hostel, and to my relief, they were grateful that she had been fed and kept warm during the time they were searching. They arrived, and paid the bill, and somehow both the RCMP members and I were informed of the true story. The other result of that whole peculiar situation was that the constable apologized to me for being rude and abrupt. We were on friendly terms afterward until he transferred.

Do you think I will feel inclined to help with any of these types of incidents again? How will I refuse when an animal’s well being is at risk? Then again, if I knew how disruptive the German Shepherds would be, I might have made a different choice.

When the daughter came to claim the asshole dogs, she asked, “What if you just told them to ‘shut up’ or ‘shush’?”. I laughed out loud, and explained that we had tried that, to no avail. By this time, she was starting to load up, so I didn’t belabor the point.

I guess I’ve gone on about THAT quite enough. I groomed a delightful barn cat this morning… a big black fellow named Sebastian. I took a photo, but it has failed to load to the computer, along with 15 other pictures. I think they are lost, as they are no longer on my iPhone either.

I delivered little Lucky back to his owner, and she was thrilled. Then I comforted myself with a breakfast at Morels which included a mango mimosa and a few Scrabble games.

Breakfast of (weary) champions

Breakfast of (weary) champions

I should never think to myself, “Can this day POSSIBLY get any more hectic?”, because then it DOES. It doesn’t seem possible to “unthink” such a thought.

While I was grooming the cat this morning, a couple dropped in “just to have a look around”. While I bristle at this wording, I am quite amenable to the idea. In this case, I was working with a time crunch again, feeling harried and rushed, and I said, “A phone call would be nice…”. Then all day I chastised myself for being a bit abrupt to a potential new customer.

Tomorrow is Sunday! I look forward to catching up with friends and taking Shelly along to brunch at Morels, unless she needs to sleep in. I don’t have any paying work scheduled, but there is always much to be done around here.

Thank you for reading my long and somewhat disjointed ramble. It’s funny how a night like the last one seems like the end of the world, and then things do turn around.

Love, Ann

p.s. Thank you, my dear sister, for phoning this morning. XXX


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