Dogs and Life

No more cereal for YOU!

I had a rather difficult night, last night. Typically, I stay up watching TV for hours after Gary retires. I enjoy my husband’s company, but often I think of these hours as my “best thinkin’ time”. Never mind that I am watching some of the most banal television shows, many nights.

For months (nay, years!) I have tried not to snack in the evenings. I do very well to not nibble between meals, but some nights I think about what else I should eat, as soon as I’ve finished supper. Last night I wanted cereal and cream, and gave in to the craving. I had a huge mugful (a mug is easier to eat some things from while sitting in a recliner chair!).

The big hit of dairy is the only thing that I can think of which brought on the worst joint pain I’ve ever experienced. I think of myself as stoic, with a high tolerance for physical pain, but this was awful! I tried to remain calm, dispassionate, taking note of just which joints were causing the most grief. I could feel pain in my toes, knees, hips, back, ribs, arms, hands, neck, and more! It seemed extreme enough to wake Gary to take me to the hospital, but instead I went to bed and … held his hand. Still feeling sorry for myself, I eventually got up and took several ibuprofen and stayed awake until I could feel the effects. The pills quelled the pain and in a couple of hours I went back to bed and had some sleep.

This morning I Googled “lactose sensitivity + joint pain”. Sure enough, there is a connection for some people. While one could spend many hours reading about this and related subjects, it seemed that getting up and moving about helped, so that’s what I did … all day long, pretty much. It has been a very good day.

When not grooming dogs and performing related tasks, I’ve been gearing up for the party. I’m not well practiced at throwing shindigs, but I have some ideas, and the preparation is FUN at this point (more than three weeks to the Open House).


Don’t critique too harshly… these are works in progress.

Today I groomed little Fergie and Lily:


Both of the wee dogs are great to groom, but Lily has my heart. She is as much like my dear departed Callie as any dog: quiet, compliant, brave, loving. If her owner would give her to me, I’d be ecstatic.

I also groomed this cocker spaniel named Ladybug. She is *ahem* no more stubborn than others of her breed.


Tonight, a favourite springer spaniel came to stay for a few days. This is Max:


Best of all things today, I have a daughter coming to visit! Shelly is on her way here from Calgary, due to arrive soon. Any of my girls are great to have around … I can work if I have to or ask them to do something, or we relax together.

This is Lady watching the chickens. I didn’t feel like getting up from my lawn chair in the shade of the willow, but the dog is watching the chickens in the way that she stares at the guinea pig. By the way, the white pipe is not for herding or beating animals, it is a piece of scrap from my chicken-enclosure-covering project.


You might notice the “gutter berries”. I scored a free piece of sturdy plastic eavestrough at a yard sale and VOILÀ! Planters of strawberry plants on the chain link fence.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Love, Ann

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