Dogs and Life

Levi & Smokey …

This is the little dog I groomed today. He’s a regular, and Levi is a perfect subject for all aspects of his spa day. Smokey indicated her approval of his gentle nature as well:

Levi with Smokey

Levi with Smokey

On Friday I had a visit from another favourite: Shea. She’s a sweet little shih tzu. One time, a very long time ago, I snicked her tongue with my sharp grooming shears. This was my fault entirely, but it was an easy mishap in that Shea often licks the air, my face, or equipment. In almost 30 years of pet grooming, I had never inflicted that injury.

Shea’s owner was very understanding, and never stopped bringing the dog for her beautification, regularly.



It was a good weekend, too. I went out to the Grand Opening celebration of Birgit’s horse training facility in nearby (my old stompin’ ground) Dunster. I enjoyed the horse demonstrations (riding demos and showing of breed examples). At the barbecue the ribbon-cutting, I got a case of the hiccups, and could neither eat nor visit comfortably, so I headed home. Of course the hiccups stopped about 3 miles down the road.

On Sunday after brunch, I got busy around the acreage and forgot about going to the Lilac Walk. That is a function held by dear friends at Dunster who have dozens of varieties of lilacs, of the hundreds available. Perhaps by now, Bonnie has even more than when I last asked. It’s a soul-fulfilling occasion, the Lilac Walk, and there’s a beautiful luncheon served… but I felt quite fulfilled must getting stuff done at home too.

I have been getting WILDLY excited about my anniversary party. If you look at the column on the right of this post, you will see the “countdown” for the occasion. I hope it is well attended and that I’m a good hostess too. Gary has helpfully offered his new shop for the food and drink tables. There is now plenty of shelter on this place, to be out of the rain, if that ends up being an issue!

Sorry that I haven’t been as good about taking pictures lately. I’ve missed photographing quite a few dogs who are boarding or here for grooming, although it hasn’t been too hectic during the last week.

I need to say goodnight, as I was tired when I started writing. I love checking in with you, my friends, and hope you are all well.

~ Ann

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