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Night before last, we found the errant chicken! Or she found us.

I was just saying goodbye to a visitor, and as I stood in the driveway, I heard a hen cackle and the sound was NOT from the vicinity of the chicken coop. I grabbed a sort of butterfly net that I keep for saving trapped hummingbirds in the greenhouse and caught the agitated chook in Gary’s woodshed! She was so excited that somehow she laid a completely shell-less egg on the net and on my jeans.

We are so relieved. Now we can tell Archie the anecdote, along with the happy ending. Whew.


This evening I helped some friends whose little old dog got shaken by a much bigger dog: an altercation over food. Although I recommended that they take the wee fellow to the local vet, I consented to giving my opinion on how serious his injuries might be.

“Mr. Lewis” is a favourite senior pomeranian who has spent the last two Christmas vacations with us. Did we all imagine that he truly perked up when the owner and owner’s mom brought him to me? I did nothing more than clip around two surface wounds… really quite minor contusions from the big guy’s teeth.

As we set Mr. Lewis down to see how well he could walk, he quit panting and looking so stressed, and then started exploring the yard a bit. He moved with a bit of discomfort, but was putting weight on all four limbs. Legally, all I can offer is to say what I’d do if he was my dog, and that I did. I said that I hoped he would have a comfortable night, and would eat and drink in due time.

Mr. Lewis, Christmas 2013

Mr. Lewis, Christmas 2013

... and with his loving owner.

… and with his loving owner.

We were a few days without a washing machine, over the weekend and until tonight. It just occurred to me that the appliance machine repair man is ALSO “Mr. Lewis”! What are the odds?

At any rate, we are so grateful to get the drain pump replaced on our washer; there is no laundromat in our town at this time. I was starting to feel a bit … I don’t know… nervous, even though I realize that one can wash clothes by hand. I have been busy with grooming dogs (and also, many towels were used in the mop-up operation), and I had dog-related laundry hung all over the place to keep anything from mouldering as it would in baskets.

As Mike Lewis said as he put our machine through its paces, “Now isn’t that music to your ears?”. How nice he came out to help us during an evening, just before he goes on a 2 week vacation!

Tonight I reread my last blog post, including about Solo and the maggots. As a late-night snack, I fetched a bowl of new rice pudding that I’d made. It occurred to me anew that I do have a pretty strong stomach!

We were without Internet for a little more than a day this week. I managed to post the last blog entry, and then our connection was gone again. Our Internet service has been reliable for a long time, so we weren’t too upset, but it IS funny to realize how much we use it and I, for one, feel almost panicky without it. Between the Internet interruption and the problem with the washing machine, we were quite aware of our reliance on modern conveniences and technology.

On Monday night, I let some friends bring a kitten that they’d found wandering in a remote location. The next day, acting on a tip from someone, I phoned a lady who had talked about adopting a new female kitty. That worked out very well, as I am “at my limit” for cats here, and so are most people I know. Isn’t she a cutie though?


This afternoon I drove part way up the neighbour’s driveway and took a picture of the newest sections of the Pet Hostel set up. Just in time for my 30th year in business, it is looking a lot like I envisioned when I started.


I’ve exhausted myself with my own chatter. Thank you for “listening”.

Love, Ann


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