Dogs and Life / Life and Chickens

Why did the chicken cross the road? …

It could be that one hen got away from us last night. She rushed the door and was outdoors while we were letting the others take their time walking out of the airline kennels.

It was already almost dark when I got home with the six biddies that our friend Archie sold us. Gary and I did not have very much time until we couldn’t stumble around searching any more. At one point, in the light from a  flashlight, I found a feathered black body and gasped, “How could our chicken have died in minutes? In fright?”. It was actually a recently deceased raven, and that was troubling enough (Why did it die?), but it was not our jet black hen that was on the lam.

I got up at 4:30 this morning to search… no luck so far.

On a cheerier note, we have five new beings in the chicken house … three of Archie’s heritage black variety and two California blue ones, which are slate grey. When I went to town this afternoon, Gary looked in on the hens and “Eureka!”, our first two eggs. I do not know who laid the pretty green egg.


Please don’t tell Archie. If we cannot find the chicken who got loose, we will tell him ourselves.

I only had one chubby little dog to groom today; I thought Tigger was getting picked up this morning, so I started early. When I re-checked my book, I realized that the expected date for him to go home is Wednesday.


I was going to accomplish so much today! Other than time spent looking for the hen, I don’t know where the day has gone. Perhaps tomorrow I will organize the rest of the bedding plants for container gardens and hanging baskets (there are not too many). Oh, I forgot… half of today it rained, and hailed, then rained some more.

Over the weekend I got the lawn mowed on Susan’s and my property. I shouldn’t have let it get so very long! The mower had to work very hard and so did I, but I think I’ve found and removed all the fist-sized rocks, beer bottles and other hazards in the yard. I loaded an old kitchen range and a bunch of other garbage myself. I am waiting to hear from the plumber and then have a “safety check” on the electrical, and THEN perhaps I can spruce up the inside of our little house.

You’d be surprised how many folks assume that Susan is moving to McBride, but that is a fair enough notion. What amazes ME is that some people ask if I am going to live in our real estate gem! I don’t foresee that day, but you can’t stop people from speculating.

On Friday I had quite a busy day … four border collies! I’m still having some trouble with my hands going numb and knuckles aching, but I’ll recover.


Left to right, above: Sadye & Rowdy, Keeper, Sam. All these beauties were perfectly behaved. After they were bathed, brushed and dried, I could hardly keep from burying my face in their silky fur, each in turn. Oh right.. I DID just that!

Also last week, I had a thin old border collie to groom… a once-per-year shave down. I wondered why this gentle creature’s bobbed tail was quivering much of the time that I worked on him, and then discovered MAGGOTS under the tail: hundreds upon hundreds of the tiniest ones I’d ever seen.

Lucky for me, compassion seems to cancel out some of the “ick factor” for me. I put gloves on and shampooed the pertinent area, rinsed and repeated, and still maggots kept moving out from the anus. I called the vet to see what the recommendations would be, and relayed the information to the dog’s owner. I hope they have taken Solo to the vet for treatment.



After making Solo comfortable, I washed myself well and invited Gary out for lunch! I thought it was judicious to wait until afterward to explain what the dog and I had just been through.

This long day is starting to tell on me. I think we will just have smokies and macaroni and cheese tonight.. but there’s dessert! We have to get more of last year’s apples eaten up before the new crop! So it’s apple crisp AGAIN. lol

Love you!

~ Ann





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