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Weariness, part 104…

I hadn’t intended to make a series out of weariness, but I was sitting tonight, achy and tired but satisfied with the day’s work, wondering how I kept up with “everything” while my daughters were small.

Then I remembered that I am 59 years old, and can’t expect to accomplish what I did in a day when I was in my twenties. Sometimes I wasted time back then… I wish I had tidied up the farm, as well as the house, and saw that I had the tools to accomplish what I needed to do. That’s old history, water under the bridge. They DO say that “Youth is wasted on the young.”!

Today I groomed a cocker spaniel: my favourite cocker spaniel. Okay, well, she pooped on my hand and peed on the floor, but she had just had quite a long drive. “Onus” is very well behaved and humble, not as disrespectful and stubborn as many of her breed. I also like and appreciate Onus’s owners very much.


Last Friday I clipped short this mini Australian Shepherd. “Bandit” is bashful, but not snappy; we get along very well for either grooming or boarding.


I had a lovely break and lunch date on Friday with one of my closest friends, and then an evening of working on the chicken enclosure. Saturday was almost FILLED with yard sales, and later visiting at Morels (again!), and home for more chicken run building.

I have been forgetting to take and post pictures of “making caging”. I have had SO MUCH fun planning and orchestrating the enclosure. I enjoy using some kinds of tools, and I have a secret weapon for attaching wire mesh: J-clip pliers and a pile of J-clips. I’ve made the yard as plumb and “square” and sturdy as I know how, and at the same time it would be considered quirky. Gary referred to it as “creative”, which I accepted as a compliment. And every night that I’ve work on that project, I feel sore and worn out, but as I stated to Gary, “It hurts so good…” .

This afternoon, I came back from town with some light plastic mesh, labeled “Deer Fencing”. I have no idea how you would employ that stuff other than to net and trap a deer: it is almost invisible in any light, and handles like a giant hairnet.

I had a plan. Since the package of material was greater than the size of the chicken yard, I proposed to toss the mesh over the WHOLE works … chicken house and fencing, then fasten it. What I wasn’t prepared for was that the airy stuff caught on any exposed wire end on the chain link (about every two inches),  any bolt or nut or screw or sliver of wood. While handling a piece of this material 14′ by 45′, it was sometimes impossible to tell just where it WAS caught!

Several times I got the stuff draped partly over the roof of the building, only to be blinded by the afternoon sun, and then to have the slightest breeze blow the material off the roof. I am afraid of ladders (especially on uneven ground) and of scampering around on rooftops even only 8′ high. In the end, I was not smarter than the plastic hairnet, and I quit in frustration and to cook a simple dinner for Gary.

Gary suggested a better way, that the mesh didn’t have to be over the roof at all, so for tomorrow I have a new plan. What a gong show my project of the afternoon was, but maybe I will be able to finish the run tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting the chickens, and will enjoy them, but other projects and maintenance beckon.

Hope you have enjoyed this saga. I’ve worn myself out again!

Love, Ann



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