Dogs and Life

I’ll be fine…


It’s only Thursday, but I’d say I’ve had about enough of a week. I was so jumpy and achy last night, over-tired, I was in tears.

The icing on the weariness cake was that I received a text that a friend’s dog had been poisoned. That in itself was so very alarming and sad, but when I mentioned this to Gary, he said that I had been part of a whole conversation about this on Sunday morning!

I have no recollection of learning that Archie’s dog had died, or any other part of the awful story. What was almost as pitiful is that I could have heard it before and it hadn’t registered! Sometimes many days go by that I feel dumb and inferior … at the end of yesterday, that is how I felt.

It has been a bad month for doggy friends: Oreo, Chimo, Ladie (not OUR Lady), and Suki.

The beautiful chicken house is nearing completion. There is some painting and minor stuff to finish. Last night I was touching up and adding another coat of the Rhubarb paint. I am so pleased with the project, mostly accomplished by Rob and Gary. I wish we had built the entire thing with plywood instead of using OSB on the outside, but it is done now, and no amount of paint makes OSB look totally classy. It’s a sweet little building anyway.


I groomed little Benji this morning and am waiting for my next subject:


Benji is not nearly as bashful as he looks. He’s playin’ me. When Gary walked into the shop to ask me something, Benji gave him a little smile!

Guess I need to run along!


Love, Ann


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