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Weariness, part 2 …

Not feeling sorry for myself. Any day that I work hard enough to feel tired, plus make some money, is a good day. I admit, there IS a limit … yesterday I was at my limit and today, not.

Yesterday I groomed this big guy. He’s a once-per-year client, and it does seem like every year is a bit more tiring. “Bud” weighs more than a hundred pounds, and I charge an appropriate price, but the job is truly a workout. By the time his spa day was over, I was almost slurring my words, I was so fatigued.

Bud - bathed

Bud – bathed


The little cat “Prin” was about four feet away from the kennel in which I was grooming the great shaggy dog. The high velocity dryer made the building look like snow was falling, so much St. Bernard fur was wafting around across the floors and high in the air. I laughed aloud when I realized that Prin was wearing a new crown of fluff. Doesn’t she looked impressed?


I was finished about 5 pm., and decided I could push myself just a wee bit more. I got out the white paint (thank you, Shelly), and did a bunch of painting inside the chicken house. Then it was time to take Gary, my birthday boy, out to dinner at the Pub.

We had a lovely dinner with friends and then went to their house for cake and coffee. The pièce de résistance, as I was getting my coat on to leave, was that I stepped on their cat … she seemed unhurt, but you might imagine I dreamed that she had a broken foot. I found out this morning that Dusty was indeed not harmed by her trauma.

Today I had this beautiful collie to groom. “Pluto” is a wonderful family pet, with three small boys to love. I enjoy fixing up the dog, and anything I have to do to get rid of mats or tangles seems okay with the owners. As with Buddy the St. Bernard, this dog was so wonderfully huggable, not only because of being gentle, but because of turning out so clean and sweet smelling. Another big job though!

Pluto in the bath

Pluto in the bath


I had what we groomers call a “no show, no call” today. My aching body thanks you, my client, but I will be happy to give your little dog a spa day, when you reschedule. I made the decision not to phone, as the one bigger job was enough for the day. I appreciate having enough work, so don’t get me wrong.

We were all saying last night at dinner how fortunate we are to live in this Valley. We have so much to be thankful for. One of my friends posted in Facebook today that she “loves living in a postcard…” ! Isn’t that succinct?

Leah Peterson photo

Leah Peterson photo

The chicken house has progressed. Rob worked on it himself for the morning, as Gary had work, and I did also, though I’m not the most competent contractor’s helper anyway. I took a short break right at noon to put some lunch together for Gary (Rob goes home for lunch), and then went to the coop to make a friendly “inspection”. Rob was about to install the door, and I observed that once inside the building, he might need someone to remove the “struts” that he’d screwed in to keep the door flush. I like to think that I made myself useful, as otherwise the builder would have had to exit through the chicken door!


It’s coming along nicely, no? I need to get the Rhubarb paint out again, as you can see. The nest boxes are installed and have a coat of stain on them, matching the door, sort of. I’m getting very excited to bring the laying pullets home.

I am sorry if I seem self-centred. I don’t think I have to be talking about myself all of the time, but this blog is a stage for me. I guess if you are here reading “me”, you haven’t tired of me holding the floor and sharing what we’re up to.

Love you for visiting.

~ Ann



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