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Weariness …

I don’t work very hard, generally. I really never have. Oh, I can garden or groom dogs for several hours in a row, because they are occupations I love. Even so, in general, I just quit when I want to, don’t watch the clock except to plan a bit for our meals, or to switch jobs so that pets are all checked and cared for.

As I get older, I find that when I grind to a halt in the evenings, I am truly DONE for the day. Gary and I used to each get a “second wind” and work in the evenings as well. We are both in good health, but nowadays, prefer to watch TV or read after supper.

Today, after our usual and good brunch with friends, I  started putting up the vapor barrier in the chicken house. I did the insulation all after supper last night (bored with television, enthused about project). We underestimated the amount of vapor barrier that we had on hand, so I put out a request for some in Facebook. Within minutes, I had two offers, and the free plastic was just enough to complete the task, with only a few square inches to spare.

I finished the the job just in time to make a simple meal of … I never know what to call it: creole, paella, or jambalaya! But I digress. Near the end of my afternoon in the chicken house, I had a bit of a mishap.  This threatened to end my work for the day.

I wish  I could say that I have never done this before, but the truth is that I have done this or similar, about three times in my adult life. Today I put the stapler on top of the six foot ladder, forgot about it, and then moved the ladder. As the tool fell, it hit my head and then landed with more force on my big toe. Funny thing, it didn’t hurt my head very much, but I almost passed out from the pain in my foot, I swear.  At first, I thought I’d have to abandon my work, but I was so close to finishing!

Though I felt sick and woozy, I realized that I could climb the ladder a few more times. Mission complete! When Gary finished mowing lawns, he came to the coop to praise my efforts, and I told him that tomorrow he needs to inspect for any pinholes or seams that should have some Tuck Tape applied. He remarked that the new chicken house is “skookum” and will be cozy in even the coldest weather. This, of course, is mostly Gary’s and Rob’s doing, but I swear I should have a business or a job fitting insulation and applying vapor barrier. (I like that work. I insulated my own shop and much of Gary’s, and now the chook shack!)

The builders of Cluckingham Palace

The builders of Cluckingham Palace

Tomorrow I have a St. Bernard to groom, and that is all the grooming I’ve scheduled for the day. If I can get another coat of Rhubarb colour paint on the coop, I’ll be happy. I’ve painted some boards for trim.

The population of beloved doggy guests has gone back down. Now we have Willis, Pepper, Wally & Clemina, Blitzen, Muffin, Shadow and Baxter. Oh where would I be without my (your) beloved pets and my pet business?

Thank you for visiting with me tonight. I’m going to shower and check my sore big toe (when last I looked, the bruise was barely discernible, which annoys me as it is so painful!).

Love you all. ~ Ann

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