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The voice of my stepmother, part two …

This reflection about Myrtle’s influence is not very serious.  I should have taken a picture of the gigantic platter of barbecued chicken wings that Gary and I enjoyed for our dinner. We  ate packets of baby red potatoes also grilled on a slow fire. We both ate too much!

I asked my good man to light the barbecue at 4 o’clock, as I simply hate doing so. I dread the FFFFOOOM! of the propane igniting, but otherwise, there is nothing I dislike about grilling stuff. As I loaded the wings and potatoes onto the rack, I told Gary that I wanted to “fix it and forget it”.

My daughters will have caught on by now about “Myrtle’s influence”.  If we heard once about Granny’s disdain for chicken wings, we might have heard it a hundred times. “Now why would anyone pay good money for bone and sinew and skin? I don’t eat the skin anyway! There’s nothing on a chicken wing to eat. It’s not really food. Waste of money and effort “. I remember the rant, I remember it in her voice.

Until I wanted “game food” for Gary and a friend last weekend, I don’t know that I had ever bought a big box of chicken wings, or a small package either. I’ve ordered them in pubs and restaurants though, and the rare time that we ordered pizza with a side of wings to eat at Myrtle’s home, we would eat the wings surreptitiously, in the kitchen, rather than hear the diatribe.

Nowadays, chicken wings are almost as expensive as boneless, skinless breasts, so my money will usually be on the meaty and no-waste choice. But I will still hear Myrtle’s opinion in my head!

Today was very busy, in a fractured kind of way. I had five dogs to groom, and the first four came at 7:30. I felt sheepish that I was just getting out of bed, as I tell customers that we are open at 7 am.. In my own defense, I had stayed up past 2 am. last night. Okay, that’s not a proper defense.

I have boarders to care for, and I started early on my darling minions. I had a visit from a friend late in the morning, and was glad for the break. Off and on during the day, I gave my opinion on our chicken house project, threw together a lunch for Gary, but mostly groomed. Eventually I had to stop everything to put on the chicken wings and then I went to buy a kitchen range from a friend, for the little rental house.

Thank goodness for Facebook! As I signed on this morning, an ad in the McBride Buy & Sell Facebook page came up, featuring the stove. I have been thinking about appliances for the wee shack that Susan and I purchased. The stove is as good as the one we have in our house, and I had bought it (friend’s husband loaded it while we chatted) and delivered it to the rental within about twenty minutes.

By the time I got home, it was feeding time for the dogs and for us. Folks came and went all evening, mostly picking up their pets. One friend came to dig some raspberry canes, and though she said she was pushed and stressed and tired (I can relate), she was just a digging machine, and in no time had dozens of raspberry canes to take home.

I didn’t take a picture of the border collies Foxy and Morag today, and they went home about 9:30 (past our usual closing time, but there were extenuating circumstances). These are the little dogs I groomed today: they are the most delightful bunch, all related.

Bailey - the mom

Bailey – the mom

Corona - the dad

Corona – the dad

JJ - a son

JJ – a son

CC - another son

CC – another son

Last post, I told you about Chimo. Two weeks ago, my darling renters lost their oldest dog, Oreo. I volunteered to pick up the dear departed and bury her at our acreage, which is what I did.


Other friends lost their sheltie, “Lady”, but I don’t have a picture of her. This is a different sheltie named Lady than the one who was tragically hit by a vehicle a few months ago.

I guess I’m just rambling… must get to bed, as tomorrow’s first guests plan to be here right at 7 am..

Thanks for visiting this blog!

Love, Ann



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