Life and Pets

Over-the-hump day…

I don’t know why I should even notice “hump day” or weekends; I’ll work any day unless I’m overworked and declare myself a half day off or must do something unrelated to my happy calling. Mind you, business is brisk, and I do look forward to attending a yard sale or two, and certainly going to Sunday brunch with friends.

Early in the week, when I noticed that neighbours were advertising a yard sale for this Saturday, I announced to Gary that I should have one as well. People could attend mine while they are out to the well advertised one, only a short distance from our town. However, two days later, I told my understanding husband that I don’t have the strength after all. I should have one. I shouldn’t go to any.

I had another heavy, dirty dog to wet shave today. It was my pleasure to make this sweet girl comfortable, but I’m not sure she appreciated me removing her special scent: she had spent the week putting layer upon layer of green horse manure on every inch of her ample body.

Green waters

Green waters

Gypsy - happy & clean

Gypsy – happy & clean

I gave Cinnabar his quarterly haircut. He’s a great little guy:


Then I had a small matted cat to shear short. She was among the most patient of pets for the process:



This lovely dog gets the “prize” for being the least reactive and best behaved for nails. In almost thirty years (notice the countdown to Anniversary on this blog), I have never had a dog so still and cooperative for the nail trimming. His owner reports that she had been told before how good Pearl is.



The story of Pearl’s start in life is pitiable. My friend adopted her in the nick of time; she was told by the backyard breeder that the pups had been weaned at four weeks so the parents could go back to guard/herd sheep. Evidently the puppies were not even fed dog food… they were eating bugs and mice and grass. A veterinarian told my friend that he had never seen a case of malnutrition so severe: the puppy was not only emaciated, but her baby teeth were blackened. In the hands and home of her new owner, Pearl thrived, and has normal adult teeth, but for many months would swallow mice whole as if she felt she might still starve. My friend also tried to adopt another sibling puppy, but when she phoned was told that the other pup was “gone”. I think we all assume that it didn’t survive.

Tomorrow I have four small dogs to groom, belonging to one family. I love these little guys, and you’ve met them before in this blog. When the family wanted the dogs groomed on March 8th, I politely declined and hoped we’d set a new date. That day is my birthday, and I also had a luncheon planned with the friendly dog groomer from nearby Valemount. Coincidentally, the family took the four to my competition the very next day, a Sunday, but the odd happening just made me smile. I had already told my friend that it was fine if she was asked to groom the dogs, but I admit to being happy to have them back for this round.

Gary started the chicken house today! Rob was over for a short visit earlier in the week with a design and a materials list, and a few questions. Our friends Chris and Elaine delivered a door for the coop today. I’m getting excited to have our own eggs, but even just to have the hens around.

Base for chicken house

Base for chicken house

We had declared some time ago that there are now enough buildings on our “Schwartzpound”. Oops … forgot that we have long desired a few chickens.

Many weeks, I learn of the passing of some favourite animal soul. They are my friends. It’s awful for the loving families, and I feel the loss too.

Chimo died on Mother’s Day. His body was so huge, which led to lots of nerve and muscle troubles. His family did so much for him to keep him comfortable and well. In the end Chimo suffered an injury simply by going under a fence… a dislocated hip, I was told. The dog was childlike and entirely loveable, no vices, no trouble to babysit. I will miss him.


Now I’m weepy again! I think I’ll call it a night, other than watching ‘Mission Impossible III’ again and dozing in the recliner.

Love you!

~ Ann

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