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Halcyon days…

We have had nearly a week of warm spring weather, and there’s no more time for hibernation. Still, we do pace ourselves, and often in late afternoon we declare that we’re “done for the day”. Gary works harder than I do, by far. Still, I’ve found that as I get older I grind to a halt rather suddenly instead of “petering out” as I used to. Once my legs turn rubbery, or I’m overheated, or achy, I simply must quit. Heaven forbid I get tired and grouchy.

Except for one row in the garden, and possibly some aftertoughts like a hill of zucchini, I am almost finished with planting seeds in the main plot. It’s good to leave a row for a day or two … it occurs to me that I haven’t planted Bright Lights Chard, or any beets. We will have mesclun (lettuce/salad mix), carrots, onion sets, kale overplanted with broccoli (don’t ask!), a row of nasturtium and calendula, Lincoln/Homesteader peas, burgundy and wax beans, and Shepody potatoes. Now I don’t know what the hell Shepody potatoes are without looking them up, but those are the seed potatoes which looked nicest in the store. Later, I’ll buy some bedding plants for cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, and tomatoes for the greenhouse.


Today the garden yielded a toad. I love him already and hope he stays safe. He probably ate the mosquito that bit me just prior to this picture, and I hope that with his great camouflage, he will not get eaten by a raven.


I’m surprised my iPhone photo turned out so well.

We just finished watching the Preakness race. The same horse who won the Kentucky Derby has now also won the Preakness, so there is great hope for a Triple Crown winner! I have mixed myself a version of the Preakness official drink, a “Black Eyed Susan”. It involves vodka, so you can imagine that my work day is pretty much over now.

The Pet Hostel stays busy. While this May long weekend has not been as hectic as on some years, there are a few extra souls. Whether we have just a couple of boarders or a dozen or more, I love the business and feel needed. Today, Lizzy, Angel and Molly went home. I don’t have a picture of Lizzy, a pretty red heeler dog; will try to do better next time.

Angel & Molly

Angel & Molly

I groomed our little friend Tucker this week:


I gave Rory, one of my favourite cat clients, her semi-annual shave-down:


Have been working on a larger exercise yard for the doggies. I’m planting “leftover” nursery stock (trees and shrubs), willows and sorbaria around the perimeter.


Yesterday, Gary obtained and spread some good wood shavings in the newest dog runs. They look beautiful and smell so fresh. While in use, the dogs have tracked pebbles and dust in from outside, and… you guessed it… now they track shavings indoors. For some reason, a skiff of shavings in the new indoor runs does not seem as objectionable.

I have had such a good week. One day, I took myself out to lunch and coincidentally was able to visit with some “Dunster ladies” … long-time friends who were once neighbours. The very next day, a close friend suggested we go for lunch. I am starting to really like doing a day’s work in the morning and then being free to goof off or do other work in the afternoons.

I should look back in my daybook to see what I didn’t share with you earlier in the week, but maybe I’ve bored you enough! While I worked during the last few days, I thought of profound things I would discuss with you, but those ideas are all gone now… they vanished.

Enjoy what’s left of your May long weekend. Hope you’re all well!

Love, Ann




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