Just Life

Best laid plans…

After a most pleasant visit with daughter Shelly and her (our) friend Jenn, and then a lovely Sunday breakfast at Morels, I was fired up to spend much of the day outdoors.

What a glorious day! I set about to dig out, or at least gain control of, a thicket comprised of Sorbaria sorbifolia.  I think the translation of the Latin name  for this hardy woody plant is, “ash-like  ash-leafed thing”. I really just made this up, as the plant resembles Mountain Ash, or any ash, and ashes are Sorbus.

The stand of Sorbaria has grown from a mere twig or two that I bought about 21 years ago. The purchase was almost more than I wanted to spend, at $20, but I was anxious to start landscaping my property, which was pretty drab at the time. This is what I meant by saying, “Best laid plans…”, as I believed I was buying a well-behaved shrub, perhaps like a lilac. Should have bought a lilac.

The Sorbaria almost has a mind of its own. As the years go by, the thicket gets larger and has become insidious. Every year, I have had ideas about cutting it back, but it sends out thick roots which can travel anywhere and get woodier by the minute. It always seemed too much effort, or other duties called.

I did not get finished today either… another instance of “best laid plans”. Other tasks did not exactly beckon, but I wore myself out digging, hacking with a large ax, and trimming back some branches that threatened to take my eye out. I thought that I would move this tough plant over to an area which will be just outside a new exercise yard for dogs. It will be almost impossible for any dog to dig through. In time, only napalm will remove it.


Sorbaria is quite an attractive plant:


But here’s part of the root system I’m dealing with:


All in all, it was a glorious day. We had some warm sun with only a little breeze, and three mosquitoes. We have now been out to dinner and back, and that was fabulous. I’ve heard from my dear daughters.

Love, Ann


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