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The joy of getting new kennels…

This morning, I took a run out to Dr. Vogel with a dog who had licked her stitches after her spay last week. Ceili did some damage, but with antibiotics and an Elizabethan collar on full-time, she will be fine.

When I returned, as I pulled up to the house, I saw an amazing sight: new kennels had been delivered! I ordered these on April 22nd, and the package was not put together as promptly as I’d been told, and I had lost track of the shipment after it passed into Canada earlier this week. For some reason, I was not privy to tracking numbers for any carrier that my kennels had been handed off to, so I didn’t know when to expect them or what fate might have befallen them.

I think I’ve told you this story (I would say, “Stop me if you’ve heard this before…”, but that’s rather difficult with a blog). I received a brochure a few weeks ago featuring the kind of kennels that I had wanted in my building when it was new in 2011. I could not find a source of these panels that I believe look less “jail-like” for boarding.

Frivolous though it may seem, I decided to REPLACE the chain-link runs indoors with these other welded-mesh panels. I couldn’t custom order the individual pieces as I could the chain-link panels, so the runs are now 6″ shorter. This makes most of the spaces 4′ wide by 8 feet long, with one that is double that, and they are attached to runs that are 20′ long! I will be able to use the 8′ 6″ panels outdoors to enclose a much bigger space in addition to the runs: a play yard.

This is what Gary and I worked on much of today. Sometimes I can be quite stubborn about doing things all by myself, and almost peculiar in my enjoyment of bolting these fence panels together. Even so, I accepted Gary’s help: it made the tasks go so much faster as we passed brackets and bolts and wrenches back and forth, made decisions and chatted and admired our handiwork. And he did a LOT more lifting than I did. I am grateful, but I promised him that I would not be effusive in my blog.


I’ve had such a good week. Here are two of my favourite “moments” (okay… hours).


This is my friend’s dear Shadow. The dog has a cheerful, trusting and confident disposition, but doesn’t she look woebegone here?

I groomed a cat yesterday. Bandit is a young tom cat, and his coat is inclined to mat. He playfully batted at my hands, sometimes with his claws out, and pretended to bite, never applying enough pressure to hurt me. He got his own unique hairstyle out of this spa session, as I only sheared the mats of and then “took a happy medium”, trimming the rest of his fur.

At one point, while I was using the clippers on Bandit’s butt, I was aware of his front half writhing. When I assessed the behaviour, I realized that I had left a cat muzzle, parked “handy” on my grooming table, and for the last fractious cat, I had sprinkled the muzzle with both catnip bubbles and real catnip. Bandit almost seemed to be making out with the catnip muzzle… I thought I should avert my eyes!



My darling daughter Shelly and her friend Jenn are going to drive out tomorrow to collect some dogs. Maya, Seltzer and Ceili will go home to Calgary. I feel uneasy about Ceili’s condition (that she damaged her incision), but both the girls are nurses and I am sure can cope with the care that the dog needs … including stitch removal and administering antibiotics!

Ceili  ('Cayley')

Ceili (‘Cayley’)

That’s about all I can think to share with you tonight. It seems like Spring is here to stay, at least until SUMMER, when we can complain about being too hot. To sit in a lawn chair with the sun on my face seems such a great gift, a reminder that life is good.

Love you all,


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