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To follow a blog…

Sometimes I wonder if many of us like attention more than we will admit. Perhaps I am one of these people, though I’m loathe to admit it!

Blog word.

When I open my email at any time and find that there is notification of a “Comment” made to a Blog post, or someone new “Following” my blog, I feel delighted. I exclaim to Gary, “Oh! I have a new Follower!”. Occasionally, I have no clue as to who the person is (likewise, a blogger usually doesn’t know ME when I start following THEIR blog).

Most of the time, my blogging is a bland work of (cough) creative writing. Over the years, I’ve learned a couple of stinging lessons about violating privacy, even while writing what was in my heart. Generally, if I use a name or reveal other identifying details, it is with permission. Similarly, if I use a photo, I ask permission and/or give credit.

The thing with writing this way, or any way, is that readers can put it down, quit reading or quit following. It’s not the same as monopolizing a conversation in person, which is something I tend to do. In that way, one might say that I can go on at length, or in any boring manner, and nobody needs to care. If I overlook a spelling error or mistake in grammar, or use my own semantics in an article, who cares?

While I’m babbling about writing what I want, when I want, I would like to thank those of you who have reached out to me when I’ve seemed sad or distressed in my blog. Thank you, too, to those who speak to me in person about enjoying my stories: I’ll read YOUR blogs and enjoy your pictures too, if only you’d start!

You can tell by now that I can’t decide if bloggers are grandstanding or just visiting, if we’re needy people wanting an audience, or simply social creatures wanting to connect with others at any time of the night or day. Perhaps it is more than one thing to any one of us.

On that note, I love you for reading my blog.

~ Ann

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