Dogs and Life

And the beat goes on…

I’m just waiting for the asparagus to  steam, so will talk to you fine folk for a few minutes. I’ve had HALF a glass of wine, and I’m seeing double. Oh wait… I just looked up from the television, so that might have something to do with my vision. My eyes don’t “adjust” like they used to!

Jayda has gone home and soon Tasha will also. They were/are just here for the day. I groomed Mickey today: such a good little girl. I offered to deliver her to town, and made a couple of stops before handing her off to her loving owners. It made me smile each time I returned to the car… Mickey acts like I’m the “Second Coming” every time!



I’ve had a fabulous day, for no particular or profound reason. It started in an odd manner… finding that Giles had had an episode of loose stools INDOORS in his run. So I had to clean that up and scrub feces from under my nails before breakfast (paper towel broke). It’s a dog thing… what can I say?

Ceili’s incision looks better daily. Everything else has been routine: Maya and Seltzer, Robbie, and Willis… all fine and happy.

I ordered some more fence panels on April 22nd, and was told at that time that they are “usually shipped out within 48 hours”. When I finally phoned to inquire, I was told that because it was a “custom order”, it would take longer. The panels themselves are “stock”, but evidently the particular assortment that I wanted makes it a special order. It’s not a “package” per se.

I finally received an email including a tracking number. Evidently, I’m supposed to know wtf  “oakh” is supposed to mean … they said that all I had to do is look up the number on the company’s website. No live link. I figured it out for myself and discovered that the shipment has passed into Canada as of … yesterday! Perhaps it won’t take long now.

I’m replacing our indoor runs with the type of welded-wire fencing I wanted two years ago. At that time I couldn’t find a local source, and then a few weeks ago, I received a brochure from a company in Kamloops (a mere 5 hour’s drive). The distributor is in Kamloops, and the manufacturer is in Washington, U.S.A… but they offered free shipping ANYWHERE in the U.S. or Canada. Bingo! We can use the present indoor runs… outdoors. Notice I say, “WE” when I will need my dear husband’s help!

This afternoon, I delivered Mickey, bought supplies from both our Home Hardware and Home Housewares stores, shopped for groceries, took myself for coffee and toast to Morels, and visited the house that Susan and I bought.

BONUS! When I briefly inspected the house, I discovered that one tiny cupboard had been overlooked while people cleaned: it contained a beautiful big fluffy towel, a stack of washcloths (new-looking), and at least 12 rolls of toilet paper! Eureka! You only need to spend a few tens of thousands of dollars to gain a great dog towel and some TP.

Then I remembered… I had not insured our new purchase. A bonus of visiting the insurance office was that I got to talk with my friend Mary, who was just managing a short break. I sat with her and had a lovely gab session, too short.

Finally, home I went. Cleaned outdoor runs, fed dogs their supper, and cracked open a bottle of wine. I made Gary this dinner:


Obviously, you need to forget what you read in the third paragraph of this Post! I got 100% over all in my FoodSafe course (the health inspector said that he only got 95% because there were “trick questions”… say what?).

That else can I tell you? Um, nothing of merit. Feel free to comment on my Blog posts anyway. I think I will pour another glass of vino and sit on the deck (there was snow again early this morning, but it has been a beautiful day since).

Love, Ann




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